YES. Halloweeeeeeenn isss heeeeeere !!

In Lebanon, we don’t give Halloween much attention because we have Saint Barbara day (December 3rd). So we celebrate that instead.

But, that doesn’t mean we don’t paaaartaaay and enjoy ourselves and get all dressed up for Halloween !!

I actually love it: Halloween Costumes, Movies, Trick or treat.. Everything is beautiful ( and scary) on this day 🙂 !

Do you know what the word : “Halloween” means?

I’ll tell you ! Halloween means Hallowed eve , which is Holy Evening. It comes from a Scottish term actually.

It was celebrated hundreds and thousand years ago, the Celts used to celebrate it cause they believed that the dead returned to Earth on this day. But, Trick or Treat tradition started in the late 1940s.

One of my favorite celebrations indeed !!

Hope you guys enjoy it 😉 Remember, Go big or go home !!

Leave in the comments below, What will you be dressed as ??


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