7 things

there are 7 things to remember today : 1- Make peace with your past so it doesn't spoil your present. 2-What  others think of you  is none of your business. 3- Time heals almost everything. Therefore, give time.. some time! 4-No one is the reason of your happiness except yourself. 5-Don't compare your life to... Continue Reading →


What’s the hardest thing to do when you’re face to face to another person?? I might say, communicating. Few years ago, I found it hard to communicate.. I was shy. So I just stood there and said nothing..year after year, I started participating more in conversations; which felt great. Hence, I never understood the “rules”... Continue Reading →

Hello Amigos ! Hope y'all doing well 🙂 First of all, i want to kick off this post by asking you : What are ups and downs for you? what do they represent? Have you ever gone through days where you just find yourself in a hundred and five different moods, in a small matter... Continue Reading →

Is being “nothing” counts?

My thoughts are now like : - What college? - What major?- What's for lunch? -What if i don't get a scholarship? What if I do? - What if i end up being a successful writer? But what if i end up working behind my desk for 10 hrs for nothing? oh yes.. The sweet... Continue Reading →

My top 10 Quotes

Quotes quotes quotes !! How we all love quotes ! Some make us laugh, some make us cry... sometimes we just sit and read endless love quotes when we're heartbroken... and the best part , quotes to match our selfies and photos ! :p Number 10- : "The best thing about the future is that... Continue Reading →

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