Zionism and Palestine; What you didn’t know (Part 1)

What a lot of people don’t know is the history of Jews and Zionism before taking over Palestine. Palestine wasn’t always the Jews’ country, that’s why in this article I’m addressing their history and this issue, based on a lot of research. In the 1800s the Jews were spread all over the globe with no... Continue Reading →


In a matter of seconds, thousands of babies are born, In a matter of seconds, hundreds breathe their last breaths, A kid learns how to ride a bike, Two people share their first kiss And two random others part ways. In a matter of seconds, a new life begins and another is taken away, In... Continue Reading →

Inspiration from a drawing

Only a couple of my friends know that my bedroom wall is filled with drawings and doodles that I personally draw when I'm bored or feeling inspired. It's kind of my favorite thing in my room. There are also quotes on my wall, quotes that I find interesting or motivational, they could be a couple... Continue Reading →

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