2020 Routines

Hello beautiful people! how are you all doing?
I hope life is treating you well and that you are feeling good and happy☀️

I can’t believe February is almost over, how did that happen? Right??
January alone felt like a whole year but then February passed by as if it was a week!
Was it just because I had finals at uni? It might be.

Let me give you guys a small tour on my first couple of months in 2020;
I had finals at uni that went on for a whole month, I’ve just finished yesterday, so I will definitely keep you posted about my exam results!
I’ve turned 20! My birthday was 10 days ago and I literally can’t believe that I’ve hit my twenties. I’ve been on this platform for FIVE years now. FIVE.💪

And next week I kick off my 4th semester at uni, after that, I’ll only have two semesters left before getting that Bachelor’s degree in Political & Administrative sciences! YAY!

So as you can see, my first two months of 2020 were slow and I was focused as much as possible on the exams that I didn’t have the time nor the energy for anything else. You can pretty much say my year has just officially started.

For the sake of not wasting any more time, I’ve put up a bunch of routines that I really want to follow for the rest of the year to make the most of my time and get one step closer to my goals and dreams.

Are you ready? I know I am!
Make sure to drop down in the comment box some of the routines you’ve decided to follow to pursue a better lifestyle.

1- Time Management; I can’t tell you how much I need to master this. My life is pretty much chaotic, some days I feel like I have it all together, and some other days, things just get out of control. So I’ve decided to always have a clear plan about how I want to divide and organize my day and my time to make the most of it.

that leads me to my 2nd routine;
2- Journaling; Guys this is utterly important! I used to write down what I was feeling, what has been bugging me, what’s been going on in my head… totally like a diary. But I’ve decided to take it up to the next level and journal everything. My monthly goals, my day to day to-do list, my thoughts, what I’m grateful for, strategies, plans… EVERYTHING.
I’ve read it on about every single website and every successful entrepreneur advises people to journal. It can be fun too! you can draw, paint, doodle, glitter the whole thing. Do whatever pleases you and motivates you to write.
I know somedays you might not feel like it (i already know I’ll skip a few days) but that’s okay.

3- Morning coffee; I know this sounds really simple and doesn’t count as a “routine”, but it’s an important part of my day. I seriously can’t kick off my day without having my morning coffee. I look forward to it every single day, cause it’s that part of the day where I just drink my coffee and go over my messages and Instagram and chill for about 20 minutes in order to get energized and focused.

4- Reading; I haven’t been reading as much as I used to due to university and studying and not finding the right time where I’m motivated to read. Believe me when I say this, I feel HELLA guilty about it. I can feel my books looking at me with disappointment cause I haven’t touched one in a month. But that’s about to stop. I’m going book shopping this week and I’m going to make reading a top weekly priority!

5-Drinking. More. Water; It blows my mind how much time my body can survive without water. I actually forget to drink. that’s definitely going to change. DRINK YOUR WATER PEOPLE. you’ll spend more time peeing than worrying about stuff you shouldn’t be worrying about AND taking care of your body and skin. Win-win situation.

6- Learning a new language; I’ve been learning Spanish for over a year but I haven’t been consistent about it. I love learning new languages. I’m already fluent in English and French and my native language is Arabic. So why not add a new language to the list? There are a lot of great apps where you can easily learn a new language and make it fun. Plus it doesn’t take much time. 15 minutes a day is more than enough.
Personally, I use Duolingo. it’s fun, free, easy to use and it’s helped me a lot.

7- Spending less time glued to my phone; jeez, this one is going to be hard since EVERYTHING I do is on my phone; from texting to IG, to Twitter and Duolingo. basically, everything is phone-related, but I have to learn to unplug for a couple of hours and spend more time with my family, pets, and entourage.

8- Cleaning; I find pleasure and joy while cleaning. I love reorganizing my room, my clothes, my books, my desk. I love doing the dishes and just making sure everything is flawless and right where it should be. Am I always that organized? N to the O. For the past month or so my room has been similar to a warzone. Books were everywhere, sticky notes on pretty much everything, pens flying around, I even had more clothes outside my closet than in it!

9- Follow up on politics; As a political science student it is ESSENTIAL to always stay up to date about the latest news in every corner of the world. With the October revolution in Lebanon and LIFE, it got pretty hectic for me. Let me just admit it, lately, there has been no GOOD news on the news. It started stressing me out and my anxiety level hit the ceiling. That’s why I learned that in order to keep myself sane, I need to do the following.

10- Treating myself; Take a break. Watch a movie. Go for a walk. Compliment yourself. Do something you’re passionate about. Whatever it is, just take a break! It is super important to treat yourself and make sure you’re healthy, eating well and exercising. Don’t forget to make sure you’re feeling well on the inside. I’m talking about mental health. MEDITATE. Remind yourself that you matter and that you’re doing a great job on a DAILY BASIS.

Those were my 10 go-to routines for 2020, I’m sure there’s more and I will definitely do another list in the upcoming month. But as a start, this is more than enough. Learn to master those routines and go conquer 2020!

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  1. Aah so happy your exams are over – Happy belated birthday too! I have a lot of the same routine goals as you such as reading more and drinking more water, but it’s not going too well for me… excited to see how you get on with yours x


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