We ended just like we started, with love.. with tenderness.. with eagerness.. We said goodbye with the same passion that kept us together. Longing brought us together one last time, before our farewell. “goodbye”, a word we didn’t say… rather than all of the loving words we kept on saying till our last gathering. “Goodbye”,... Continue Reading →

The Biggest Event Worldwide.

Hello to all, Hope your weekend went well, full of smiles and laughter, and may this upcoming week be as magnificent as your heart desires. Putting aside all of what has happened this past week, life has to go on, as well as this blog. So today, I’m here to talk about something else, something... Continue Reading →


Good morning, good afternoon, good evening ( depends where you're at ). As some of you guys know what kind of tragedy I went through and experienced these past few days, I shared some of it on my latest post. At first, it was just about sharing news with you. It was something i've written... Continue Reading →

Heaven has gained a new angel.

In loving memory of my dearest little brother, my friend of 16 years. Rest in peace tough guy. The ghost of death not long ago Hunted lives to feed his soul, Last night, his hunger grew Decided at last to hunt some new; Young souls and hearts cause that he knew They were the tasty... Continue Reading →

Diary of a dreamer.

I woke up that day from a weird dream that seemed too real to just be called a dream… I went back to that particular stage in my life where I had everything once again… what I had in the past was mine at last. I had my old life back. I had the friends... Continue Reading →

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