Something new

Hello y’all ! How are you all doing !!? It’s been a while, right ? Well, I’ve been away… * you noticed*, but i had my reasons, although i hate hiding behind some lame excuses cause as I always say : If you want to do something you have to make time for it no matter what… I’m still writing though…  I always do. As  i breathe, I write. But here’s what’s been going on with my life ; This is my SENIOR highschool year. YES!! you read that right! I’m a senior! As fun and amazing as it might … Continue reading Something new


Bad people aren’t just born. we are all born the same ; small, pure and innocent. we’re all made in the same way till we start growing up, opening our eyes to every corner in this world: the good and the bad, the light and the dark, to white and black. It’s what we see that first triggers the change. However it’s what we go through that makes the change drift to a faster lane.  It’s our experience ,our daily life events, our entourage, our decisions and every step we take whatsoever that make us drift ways from what we … Continue reading Monsters

We are one, or are we?

The moment we’re brought upon this world, we’re chosen our name, family, race, and well, our religion. These things, we don’t choose for ourselves, but our parents choose for us. For a long time now, the world has suffered because of our differences, because the other person standing right in front of me is not like me, because he doesn’t share the same gender, the same race, the same ethics, and the same religion. Religion has been the reason behind many many many wars, religion has been used as a tool to bring greed and hatred upon nations, an instrument … Continue reading We are one, or are we?

House of Cards

I’ve been watching the great American TV series “House Of Cards” a little over a month now. For those who haven’t heard of it, let me break this down for you. House of cards is a political drama, created by Beau Willimon, starring Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright and many more shining stars. It first appeared on screen  in 2013 and is expecting its 5th season in 2017. It tells the story of a US Rep. Frank Underwood, hungry for power and very manipulative, who got promised Secretary of State, but later learns that the President changed his mind. He then … Continue reading House of Cards

Happy kids

We were those lost kids you read books or watch movies about. Just for one night, we were free…At least, we felt like it. Thus, we called ourselves “Happy Kids”. Happy? Yes. Truly? Maybe. We let go of all our problems, held hands and danced in the middle of nowhere, in a street where the moon felt like our only companion. City lights made us feel brave, the light merged with us, making us fierce and fearless. We were these kids, those who were afraid of nothing. However, We knew one thing, we ride together or we die together, for … Continue reading Happy kids

In love with the feeling

Is it normal to feel like you’re running out of oxygen, whilst doing nothing at all?Is it normal to get chills, even when it’s a hundred degrees out there? Is it normal to lose track of the dimension you’re in? Feeling like you’re out of this world, like you no longer belong here? You belong in a world of your own creation, a world about *you* and your *lover*. It is normal indeed. That’s what we call “love”. A lie of human creation. We wrapped all if these feelings and called them “love”.  My guess is, love, is complicated, mysterious … Continue reading In love with the feeling

Movie Review : -Joy-

Hey all ! Weekend is here !!! How are you going to spend it? 🙂 Whatever you do, hope it’ll be fun, stay happy and healthy ! So, I just watched this movie called “Joy”, starring Jennifer Lawrence, released in 2015. it is “kinda” based on a true story. The movie is about a young woman struggling with her life, she’s divorced as well as her parents and has two young children. She lives with her ex-husband, mom, dad and grandma plus her two kids in a small house she owns. Her life is so messed up, she has no … Continue reading Movie Review : -Joy-