Self expression.. is it endangered?

Post 13 billion years of evolution, you'd expect our race to have reached a certain level of "Sophistication", and protection for people's lives and their basic rights. However, terrorism managed to steal not only our souls, but our freedoms... among them, that of speech and self-expression. Terrorist organization is chopping the heads off of citizens'... Continue Reading →

Untitled Independence

November 22nd 1943… a date to remember. Today, we celebrate Lebanon’s 73rd Independence anniversary, which is all good and great. It’s been 73 years since Lebanon was able to fight and earn its independence, the day when Bechara El Khoury and Riyad El Soloh and every Lebanese Citizen were able to fight the French Government... Continue Reading →

US Elections

Before i begin with this whole thing, i know I'm Lebanese, and i shouldn't feel or be affected by the US elections. But i am. Ignoring the fact that i would like to pursue Political science as a major. But put that aside now. What happened in the past couple of days.... affected me. Donald... Continue Reading →

You Write, I Read

Good morning y'all ! I hope you're enjoying your weekend so far !! 🙂 I thought about a way to keep up with all of your amazing writings, and there was no better way than " You Write, I Read." I'm sure a lot of you know what it's all about, for those who don't... Continue Reading →

Don’t stop believing

Let those words guide you through your rough times! Stay tuned for lots of posts... school season is kinda taking a lot of my time. *you have heard that over a million times.. oops* Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend💐💐

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