College studying hacks

Hello there beautiful people! How are you all? I’m finally done with my first semester at college, and boyyyyyyy what a relief that is! I’m still waiting to get my results back and know for sure that I did great in my final exams! A while ago I wrote an article about studying and how... Continue Reading →

Back to school – Study guide

Hello there beautiful people! How are you ? As I mentioned in my previous post, September just started which means back to school season started as well. I can already feel all the mommies jump up and down full of excitement! Be careful mommies, you’re gonna miss your little child-devils, i promise. I know my... Continue Reading →

Argentinean Day !!

Buenos Dias Amigos ! Yes, I know a couple of Spanish words, so I can handle myself well if I travel to Spain or Argentina someday… Speaking of the great Argentina … We had an Argentinean day a couple of days ago at school ! It was one of our main projects this year, it... Continue Reading →

Facing Challenges

Every situation presents challenges, and school is no different. How you deal with these challenges will affect your overall school experience. Bullying Experiencing bullying can make school very difficult. If you experience bullying during school, there are things you can do. Use counselors, parents and teachers to help you strategize what to do if you... Continue Reading →

Guide : Back to school

For students around the world, August signals summer’s end. After being on summer break for a while and what seems like ages of having fun, you’re anticipating the start of another school year, you’re days away from making the transition from summer to a regular schedule with new classes, new teachers, and a new social... Continue Reading →

Facts Facts Everywhere

Today I wanna share with you guys 20 weird, scientific, random facts that I’ve read while doing some research. Beware, they might BLOW YOUR MIND !! 1-  Light would take .13 seconds to travel round the Earth. 2- If you drilled a tunnel straight through the Earth and jumped in, it would take you eactly... Continue Reading →

Study Plan

What's a study plan ? A study plan is a plan (obviously), made so the student can organize his time based on the subjects he has to study. How to set a study plan? As for myself, i made a study plan recently. Easter vacation  knocked doors, and here i am, enjoying it -while STUDYING-.... Continue Reading →

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