Thirteen reasons why I’m Happy

Thirteen reasons why is a young adult book published in 2007, that tells the story of a girl who committed suicide due to bullying and a lot of life problems. She left 7 cassettes explaining her motives to each and every person responsible of her suicide. While this books tells the story of suicide motives, i found an outstanding idea that relates to the book, but in a positive matter. It’s about not only raising awareness about suicide, but, it reminds us of our life blessings. Thirteen reasons why i’m happy, an idea that i originally found on  Heads … Continue reading Thirteen reasons why I’m Happy

Something to remember

  Dear Kido, I’m writing you just to let you know a couple of things I might not have told you about. Life is a rollercoaster, you better be ready for the ride. As fun as it sounds, it’s goddamn scary. One of the craziest adventures I went through your age, was participating in MUN (Model United Nations). Not only was it fun and awesome, but, it got to me make who I am today. It opened up my eyes to some kind of potential I didn’t know I had. Not only do I suggest you go for it , … Continue reading Something to remember

Never too young

I think  it’s pretty obvious that writing is a priority to me. I always seem to mention how writing makes me feel, how it makes everything “fine” and how it takes me to a whole new world. Because of that, (And many more reasons), I started working on my book. It’s been almost 6 months. Is it hard ? Yes. But is it doable ? DEFINITELY. I know, writing a book doesn’t just happen over night, i know  it takes months and years, a lot of hard work and dedication. I know a book doesn’t simply sell and become a … Continue reading Never too young

And we hold on

What is your dream? Your biggest, wildest dream? The one you keep thinking about when you’re all alone, and when you’re surrounded by thousands of people. The one you keep stressing about, and feeling totally excited about. The one you keep trying to ignore and put aside, while you try to create a new dream at its place.. Yeah.. It’s the dream you crave the most, the dream that scares the shit out of you, the dream that is bigger than you.  But that’s what *Dreams* are all about. If your dream doesnt scare you, it ain’t big enough! That’s … Continue reading And we hold on

How often

Hello hello!! Finally, my midterms are over! No more studying like 10 hours per day, no more waking up at 5 am to review, and no more stressing out about exams !! *sigh* Time to focus on my blog and my book!  But you see, in the previous week, i heard a lot of : ” I’m not capable of ..” ” I can’t do this, I’m going to fail the test” ” it’s too hard, i won’t be able to!” Plus, I saw a lot of tears.  I heard friends saying that, friends crying, friends doubting themselves.  But who … Continue reading How often

Crying out; Equality!

Yesterday’s march had so much more meaning than what people actually understood.People, and moslty men, posted quotes about women underestimating themselves by asking to be men’s equal, and they said ” You are superior, why are you asking to be our equal?”  No. We are no one’s superior. We are equal, created equally. We have the same MENTAL and PHYSICAL abilities. Speaking of physical abilities, girls are used to describe weakness . We say : “Stop acting like a pussy.” Or ” you hit like a girl”. Better yet, what’s wrong with hitting or throwing like a girl? Have you … Continue reading Crying out; Equality!

Page 365

I’ve been away since Christmas, my bad. I got sick, like real sick.. i had fever and got the flu so i spent Christmas and the last couple of days in bed. I did absolutely NOTHING so i felt kinda useless. Thank God, I’m all better now, therefore i can spend New Year as i want to !  Any how.. Remember my ” Jar of Happiness”? I posted about it last year, for those who don’t know, it’s a jar and i put all my happy memories in it, i did so for this whole year. And today, i opened … Continue reading Page 365

And time flies.

I usually go to school by bus, so each morning im accompanied by 4 kids and a couple of teens.. it’s kind of a small bus. A van. So two of these kids live right across the street, Sam and Eli.  the other day, they were enjoying their morning chitchat, like they always do, talking about a game, and stuff they have in common. So Sam, the older one askes me:” Sara, in how many years will you go to college?” I froze for a second and replied :” In just one year little one! :)” So both of them … Continue reading And time flies.

The Journey we call Life.

Some consider the fact that being a teen means being unconscious about life, what’s going on around us, or what truly matters. I’m a teenager. I’m 17. Young? Guess you thought so. But I’m about to explain how age is truly just a number. You see, I was born in a humble house; father, mother and an older brother. We were doing fine. We had enough to eat, drink and clothes to wear. Both my brother and I went to a private school. So you might say we were doing just fine money wise. I grew up, witnessing the good … Continue reading The Journey we call Life.

We Escape

I, myself, have found a secret door… one that is able to drag me, piece by piece, every inch of my soul, pull my into a new world. No, im not a magician, nor mentally ill.. i kinda imagine stuff, but THAT is not one of my imagination. This link between me, and this fantasy… is a Book. I love words. I love that intensity within each written sentence. I love the passion. I love the smell. I love the pages.. the paper.. I love its looks, its definition, its meaning. It is truly my espace. Each book i read … Continue reading We Escape