Why most relationships fail

Relationships are harder nowadays. That’s a fact. It’s becoming more common to hear two people breaking up than settling down. I personally think it’s because people are more open now to invest time and effort in themselves rather than in other people. Meaning, at the slightest inconvenience the couple breaks up because it costs more effort and time to fix the problem and wayyyy less to drop it all. This reminds me of something I read a while ago, it was about an old married couple who’ve been together for 60 something years. The reporter asked the lady: “How did … Continue reading Why most relationships fail

4 years

Hello hello beautiful people! how are you all doing? I most certainly hope, wish and pray that you are ALL doing just fine! This week isn’t an ordinary week for me, and I’m sure y’all are wondering why? And I’m quite sure you guys figured out it’s related to something that has happened 4 years ago. Riiiiiight. 4 years ago, It’s Me Saraa launched. 4 years ago, I began with what turned out to be an amazing journey. I guess I told you guys why I started this blog in the first place in some of my previous posts, but … Continue reading 4 years

Make it count

Hello beautiful people ! How are y’all doing? I hope your holiday preparations are going better than planned. Since it’s Christmas season, watching some good old holiday movies is definitely a MUST. It’s become some sort of tradition to watch the Grinch, Elf, Love actually, The holiday etc etc.. But one movie truly never gets old… HOME ALONE. *the originals, 1 & 2 * Yup, don’t argue me on this. I’ve been watching this movie since forever, funny thing is, each and everytime i watch it, i laugh as if it was my very first time. As a matter of … Continue reading Make it count

Here again

A couple of months away from my blog, but I constantly find myself coming back. It’s not my first time taking a break from my blog, but it was my first taking a break from *writing* as a whole. Don’t ask me how i was capable of doing so, for those who’ve been around my blog for the past 2-3 years know that i write as i breathe. Last time I stopped posting on my blog was due to lack of time and lots of pressure that kept me from posting regularly… but this time was different. I haven’t been … Continue reading Here again

Why I’m a feminist

A lot of people won’t even read the article once they’ve read the term “feminist” in my title, and that’s okay. For the ones who actually continue reading, whether you’re a feminist yourself,  whether you’re not, and whether you hate feminism  and actually keep on reading, I just want to emphasize why I, MYSELF, am a feminist. For lots and loooots of people, feminism = hating men. I’m so sorry to actually tell you this; but, 1. It’s not. 2. You’re stupid. For what’s worth, people were feminists even before that word ever existed, now it’s all like “Do you … Continue reading Why I’m a feminist

Appreciation post – Birthday Shoutout

Hello hello ! How are y’all beautiful people doing ? Today, I’m introducing someone who is very dear to my heart, and I believe on this special day, they deserve to get introduced to the world through my blog and get an appreciation post. This person is the closest to my heart, has been my bestfriend for …. Well.. a reeeeally long time… So let’s get straight to the point : Georges, I can’t believe you’re finally 18 years old. 7 months ago we were celebrating my birthday and in a blink of an eye, it’s the time to celebrate … Continue reading Appreciation post – Birthday Shoutout


Hello beautiful people ! How are y’all doing? August said its goodbye which means summer is almost over, well not weather wise cause frankly the weather is playing games in Lebanon. When our calendar marks the end of August all we could think about is the end of summer and the beginning of fall meaning back to school season! ( in my case, it’s back to college… ) Yup, I’m a college student this year and I don’t know how to feel about that. I’m excited, happy to be studying what I find interesting rather than solving math problems all … Continue reading August-18


Hey beautiful people ! How are you? I felt like sharing a little something i was thinking about. When you find yourself drowning in hard times and tough events keep knocking on your door, find a couple of moments to count your blessings. For me ? I cherish these; I cherish the moments i spend with my Mom, laughing, cooking, talking, watching a movie or a FRIENDS episode i made her watch like a gazillion times. I cherish the days and nights spent with my friends, oh well, i guess they’re at a level where i can just refer to … Continue reading Cherish


In a world where everything is posted online, “privacy” is kinda worn off… We scroll through our Facebook feeds, or IG feed and we can easily find pictures of those celebrities on vacay at some island, videos of our friends in Paris, and articles posted by those famous entrepreneurs talking about how “easy”  their life seem. What are the side effects of such activity? What do we find ourselves doing? Comparing ourselves to others. You don’t have to envy them, or throw some shade… you could easily be sitting there staring at your phone wondering what  it would be like … Continue reading Online

Lacking Motivation

Hello beautiful people, how’s everything?! Is life treating you well? I certainly hope so! In this article, I want to address an issue that I’m sure EVERYONE has experienced at least a dozen of times in a day, even less ! What could I possibly be talking about? 3 words. Lack. Of. Motivation. Who hasn’t experienced this problem? It could be at work, you just don’t want to go to that same office, do the same paperwork over and over again, interact with insanely annoying colleagues aaaaand go home. Or, you could be lacking motivation to practice one of your … Continue reading Lacking Motivation