First or last?

People talk a lot about their first love, about how special and precious it is, and how one can’t fully forget it. Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I always thought as a kid that my first love would be my last love as if somehow the universe would grant me the “one” from... Continue Reading →

2020 Routines

Hello beautiful people! how are you all doing? I hope life is treating you well and that you are feeling good and happy☀️ I can't believe February is almost over, how did that happen? Right?? January alone felt like a whole year but then February passed by as if it was a week! Was it... Continue Reading →

Caring is HUMAN

Hey there beautiful people! How are y’all doing? I hope life is treating you well! If you’re as active on social media as I am, you’d notice that every other person is now talking about politics and policies, especially those that affect us and the people around us. You see, political debates have gone from... Continue Reading →

In the land of Gods

Hello hello beautiful people! I hope y’all are doing great! Today, I felt like sharing something that is really important to me. For the past few months, I actually had to deal with this topic as it presented itself multiple times. Wondering what that might be? *drum roll pleeeeaase* Religion! Yeah, that doesn’t sound like... Continue Reading →

Why most relationships fail

Relationships are harder nowadays. That’s a fact. It’s becoming more common to hear two people breaking up than settling down. I personally think it’s because people are more open now to invest time and effort in themselves rather than in other people. Meaning, at the slightest inconvenience the couple breaks up because it costs more... Continue Reading →

4 years

Hello hello beautiful people! how are you all doing? I most certainly hope, wish and pray that you are ALL doing just fine! This week isn't an ordinary week for me, and I'm sure y'all are wondering why? And I'm quite sure you guys figured out it's related to something that has happened 4 years... Continue Reading →

Love actually.

People often wonder about love... what is love actually? The answers vary from a person to another depending on each one’s experience... some might call it a blessing.. and others? A curse. Why? You might ask. Personally, i believe that people see love as the person they fall in love with. As if this mystery... Continue Reading →

Make it count

Hello beautiful people ! How are y'all doing? I hope your holiday preparations are going better than planned. Since it's Christmas season, watching some good old holiday movies is definitely a MUST. It's become some sort of tradition to watch the Grinch, Elf, Love actually, The holiday etc etc.. But one movie truly never gets... Continue Reading →

Here again

A couple of months away from my blog, but I constantly find myself coming back. It's not my first time taking a break from my blog, but it was my first taking a break from *writing* as a whole. Don't ask me how i was capable of doing so, for those who've been around my... Continue Reading →

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