Presidential elections -Lebanon

Hello!! Congrats to my country, Lebanon, for finally electing a president after 2 and a half years. Finally. Yes. I'm not the happiest or the most excited person about the results.. but.. im optimistic. Let's pray for the best. This country has been through a lot, its people have suffered long enough. And after years... Continue Reading →

Staring at an angel

She lost count of what period she was in... Was it her forth? Fifth? Was she in her English class or History class? She had no clue... not at all. She was looking past her table, across her.. a man. No no ! Not a man... an Angel. She rested her face on her desk... Continue Reading →

My Teacher taught me

Aloha ! How are you all? It is Sunday, finally! I love sundays, don't you? So as i told you recently, i started school. It's been 2 weeks or so.  Homeworks, studying, projects, more homework... it's a lot. But that's the " system" i have to go by.  I wanted to share today something the Arabic... Continue Reading →

Quote of the day

Hey guys ! It feels like ages ago since i last posted. School happened. Not an excuse. I know.  Stay tuned this weekend for lots of posts and updates !!  Hope y'all are doing fine 🤗 have a blessed weekend ! 

The Sunshine Blogger Award

One thing to say about being nominated and winning such awards : " Feels like winning an Oscar." Believe me, the feeling is real ! Thanks to : for nominating me !! 🙂 Such an honor, really ! 😀 “The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to those who inspire and bring sunshine into the lives... Continue Reading →

3 Days Quote Challenge III

Buenos Dias mi amores !!! How are you all? Yes i haven't finished the challenge, yes i shouldn't let school occupy me a lot and yes i shouldnt forget my blog. So! Here's the last quote, i really like this one! One of the happiest moments in life is when you find the courage to... Continue Reading →

3 Days Quote Challenge II

Hola ! How are you all?? Today was my first day at school,I'll dedicate a post to talk about that. Today i decided to share a motivational,inspirational quote since we're in the beginning of our week, so let's be motivated to do something good and work ! Your mind is a powerful thing. When you... Continue Reading →

Follow me in my everyday life!

Hello beautiful people !! ❤️ Hope you guys have a blessed Sunday, enjoy it, make the best of it! Have lunch with the family, go on a trip, smile and laugh!! I'm here today to drop by my social media links, so you can find me everywhere! Annoying, but still😂 Make sure to leave your... Continue Reading →

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