High by numbers

Hello Ladies ans Gentlemen! How are you all?? Guys, i wanted to show you something .. something that hit me hard last night. So this is a screen shot i took LAST NIGHT. And this one .. I took RIGHT NOW. Do you see that?  These numbers are accurate and real. they say a lot... Continue Reading →

Leave Me A Link and I’ll Share Your Page!!

Share your work 🙂

Dream Big, Dream Often

As most of my followers know I am big into helping other bloggers gain more exposure. My goal has been to grow a community of like-minded people and I am part way to my goal.  I am bringing back the open call to leave a link and I’ll share it for you!!

The basic rules are simple: leave me a link to your page.  I’m not sure it gets much simpler.  You can leave as many links as you want and I’ll cycle this post from day-to-day so more people can jump on board.  The link post I’ll create will publish on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays.

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Is that the smell of yummy food ? hmmm.. OH YES. TURKEY time. Happy Thanksgiving to all of my amazing, beautiful, unique readers ! How was your Thanksgiving? I'm sure you filled your tummy with delicious food and your heart with awesome company. Aside from the food and the atmosphere, Thanksgiving holds a special place... Continue Reading →

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