This goes out to every girl who has experienced sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape... To every woman who had to go through this alone, who was too afraid to speak out; You are strong. I'm here for you, the whole world is cheering for you for your bravery and courage. Salute. The diary of a... Continue Reading →


Bad people aren't just born. we are all born the same ; small, pure and innocent. we're all made in the same way till we start growing up, opening our eyes to every corner in this world: the good and the bad, the light and the dark, to white and black. It's what we see... Continue Reading →

Gods And Monsters

There she stood, watching them fight as if they never knew love. They fought. They yelled. They argued.you could see hatred burning brighter than sun rays in their eyes. She stood there, omnipresent, and watched them closely, kept an eye on them, not knowing whether to pray for them to work things out or to... Continue Reading →


"I'm sorry; It's over." he said while hanging up the phone. Earlier this month, it was getting worst between the two of them, and hard to be together. They were trying to hold on to each other, but sometimes, holding on hurts more than letting go. He was a famous political man, and she was... Continue Reading →


Here's the story of a girl who grew up to be a strong independent badass woman. She was a little girl, who had to leave her country with her family, and take another as a home. She grew up, with her family being torn apart; her older sisters got married, her brothers left home, some... Continue Reading →

The Heart wants what it wants

She constantly reminded herself that she deserved better. She knew she deserved the kind of love, where she feels valued, loved, appreciated and most of all, respected. She knew she had to give up on the one she loved, for he didn't love her back. And why? She never knew. She was kind to him,... Continue Reading →

Staring at an angel

She lost count of what period she was in... Was it her forth? Fifth? Was she in her English class or History class? She had no clue... not at all. She was looking past her table, across her.. a man. No no ! Not a man... an Angel. She rested her face on her desk... Continue Reading →

An unwated bond

She was such a beauty, medium height, hazel eyes, red full cheeks. Her smile was bright and shiny. She never had a "model" kind of body, but she was happy with her curves. And what made her special? Her long long brown curly hair. She felt like she lived for them as they did for... Continue Reading →

A Soul in love

She was alone, standing in a massive field. No one was there, no sign of life, except her own beating heart. No green trees, no car noise, no houses.. no nothing. It was her and only her. But what was she doing there? The last thing she remembers she was walking down the street at... Continue Reading →

I want to be able to look back to all of my memories, sad or happy,exciting or useless, whatever. I thought that there's no better way other than to make my own "Jar of Happiness". So i did so. The process is quite simple and easy. All I have to do is write down my... Continue Reading →

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