No scars to your beautiful

Hello there beautiful people ! How are you doing ? Hope your weekend is going as planned, no matter what you’re up to, make sure that it makes you happy ! a while ago, i posted about the amazing song ” No scars to your beautiful” by the AMAZING Alessia Cara, here. I always listen to this song, whatever i’m feeling, if you haven’t listened to it yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? go ahead, check it out. It’s not just a song, you know? it’s real. and songs like that in the music industry are so rare, so here’s … Continue reading No scars to your beautiful


Bad people aren’t just born. we are all born the same ; small, pure and innocent. we’re all made in the same way till we start growing up, opening our eyes to every corner in this world: the good and the bad, the light and the dark, to white and black. It’s what we see that first triggers the change. However it’s what we go through that makes the change drift to a faster lane.  It’s our experience ,our daily life events, our entourage, our decisions and every step we take whatsoever that make us drift ways from what we … Continue reading Monsters

We are one, or are we?

The moment we’re brought upon this world, we’re chosen our name, family, race, and well, our religion. These things, we don’t choose for ourselves, but our parents choose for us. For a long time now, the world has suffered because of our differences, because the other person standing right in front of me is not like me, because he doesn’t share the same gender, the same race, the same ethics, and the same religion. Religion has been the reason behind many many many wars, religion has been used as a tool to bring greed and hatred upon nations, an instrument … Continue reading We are one, or are we?

You know the answers

It’s weird what we put ourselves into, what we sacrifice and what we give, what we end up doing in order to figure out what our next move will be. It could be about a job, losing one or applying for one, we overthink it, we get depressed because we have no idea if it’s going to work out in the end, or if we’re good enough, if we’re gonna screw it up. We think that when we lose a job, it’s the end. Furthermore, it’s even more toxic when we keep a job we hate for the sake of … Continue reading You know the answers

Losing A Voice

It just seems like yesterday when my brother used to have this huge playlist on his mp3 player as well as endless songs that i was so curious to listen to, i remember waiting till he went out of the house so i can listen to these songs and get to know amazing artists. There was this one band , the first band i had ever listened to, Linkin Park . I hit play, and enjoyed dozens of songs, amazing songs, from lyrics to vocals to music…  everything . So i copied the songs and downloaded new ones. Years passed … Continue reading Losing A Voice

We all dream

We all have dreams. That’s a fact. And no matter what those dreams may be, dreams are dreams… no matter how big, how wild, how small, how adventurous they may seem… we all dream. We start making plans and having dreams about the future and life and how things will add up 15 years from now the moment we feel a spark burning on the inside. at 7 years old, we build up these imaginations about jobs and careers we may hold in the future, I remember wanting to become a fashion designer just because my doll’s clothes were just … Continue reading We all dream

The way to a successful relationship

No one can deny that a “perfect” relationship is something far from reach, it may be realizable but in order to be in a so called perfect relationship, one must be committed and willing to put in the amount of effort needed. I asked a few people what is the essence of a successful relationship, and here I’ll present you what was mostly common said about the subject. Respect: How can you be with someone if you don’t respect them and their being? Respect comes in first place as there is no bond or friendship or relationship whatsoever between 2 … Continue reading The way to a successful relationship

What Happened to Childhood?

Yesterday started off as your “typical” “normal” day. I had breakfast with my bestfriend, met my other friends and my boyfriend for basketball practice, and then hung out together for the rest of the day…. Normal.. right? Well yeah, it seemed that way, until something strange happened, something I’m ought not to forget for as long as I live. We were talking and laughing and taking pictures, just like normal teens do… until I spotted a couple of kids, observing the playground and just staring at us and at all the others kids that were there. I looked over to … Continue reading What Happened to Childhood?