Get inspired

Hey beautiful people ! how are y’all doing? I hope life is treating you well ! Today I want to address something that ALL of us face. You know, when you’re stuck in that same routine for quite some time, you kind of lose inspiration. You might stumble off the path here and there and feel like you’re drowning in darkness, you’re just uninspired. I want you to know first that it’s totally normal, here are a few tips to get you over that hill. First thing’s first, dig deep in your soul to reconnect with your inner child. Every … Continue reading Get inspired

Thoughts of a girl in love

“I’m sad. I’m sad because every night, every morning and every passing second I dream of being in your arms. I dream of seeing you, kissing you, spending time with you, loving you and sharing every exquisite moment with you. I dream of you being my confident. I dream of talking to you about everything, about this and that, what’s right and wrong… I dream of screaming : I want you, I love you… I’m crazy about you… I’d do anything for you. I dream of you. I dream of us. Not a second passes without me thinking about you. … Continue reading Thoughts of a girl in love

Be kind to yourself

Let’s face it, sometimes your friends can treat you like shit, your fam and maybe your partner… I won’t give any examples, I’m pretty sure you can use some of your experience and imagination to fill in the gaps. Despite them being annoying and shitty at times and regardless of any stupid/selfish/ abnormal behavior they end up doing, you’ll always like them. You like them for their true character, their personality, the way they can brighten up your day, the way they don’t mind sharing their fries with you * YUMM. FRIES.*, they’re your friends and you like them. Not … Continue reading Be kind to yourself

Why I’m a feminist

A lot of people won’t even read the article once they’ve read the term “feminist” in my title, and that’s okay. For the ones who actually continue reading, whether you’re a feminist yourself,  whether you’re not, and whether you hate feminism  and actually keep on reading, I just want to emphasize why I, MYSELF, am a feminist. For lots and loooots of people, feminism = hating men. I’m so sorry to actually tell you this; but, 1. It’s not. 2. You’re stupid. For what’s worth, people were feminists even before that word ever existed, now it’s all like “Do you … Continue reading Why I’m a feminist

Over you

Here’s to you;   I’m gonna miss you for quite some time; your jokes, your warmth , your voice and laugh , your texts and how one message could light up my whole day. I’m gonna fill myself with nostalgia, hoping and wishing it could’ve lasted until it hits me that it didn’t. I’ll walk back to the place I first saw you, rest on the stairs only to look back at the time you first kissed my lips, and wish you were there to taste them again. There will be moments where I will only want your hug, your … Continue reading Over you

One more time II – Closer

“I never expected him.” she said. “After years of building high walls around my heart trying to protect it from breaking into a million of pieces, after putting the shattered parts back, after swearing never to fall for anyone ever again before making sure I wouldn’t regret it a while later, after finally getting over the past and learning the lessons, after the wounds have finally healed… he came out of the blue and I didn’t expect him.” …. Hearing she met someone new blew my mind, and somehow broke me. So to however has her heart now, you gotta … Continue reading One more time II – Closer

Appreciation post – Birthday Shoutout

Hello hello ! How are y’all beautiful people doing ? Today, I’m introducing someone who is very dear to my heart, and I believe on this special day, they deserve to get introduced to the world through my blog and get an appreciation post. This person is the closest to my heart, has been my bestfriend for …. Well.. a reeeeally long time… So let’s get straight to the point : Georges, I can’t believe you’re finally 18 years old. 7 months ago we were celebrating my birthday and in a blink of an eye, it’s the time to celebrate … Continue reading Appreciation post – Birthday Shoutout

One more time

*this is a short story with no need of any introduction.   3 years later, after thinking she’d gave up all hope, she picked up her phone finally willing to text him. She opened his conversation, looked at his name feeling her breaths slowly getting harder to take… her fingertips started moving slowly typing “ Hey, Long time! How about we meet for coffee this week?” Right after she hit send, she knew she’d made a terrible mistake. What was she thinking? She was begging to see him it’s been long enough, if he’d wanted to, they would’ve met ever … Continue reading One more time

Back to school – Study guide

Hello there beautiful people! How are you ? As I mentioned in my previous post, September just started which means back to school season started as well. I can already feel all the mommies jump up and down full of excitement! Be careful mommies, you’re gonna miss your little child-devils, i promise. I know my Mom’s gonna miss me being around the house when I start college! I don’t know how this year passed me by, one minute I was a senior busting my ass in bio classes impatiently waiting to graduate, next thing I know is that I actually … Continue reading Back to school – Study guide