Get inspired

Hey beautiful people ! how are y’all doing? I hope life is treating you well ! Today I want to address something that ALL of us face. You know, when you’re stuck in that same routine for quite some time, you kind of lose inspiration. You might stumble off the path here and there and feel like you’re drowning in darkness, you’re just uninspired. I want you to know first that it’s totally normal, here are a few tips to get you over that hill. First thing’s first, dig deep in your soul to reconnect with your inner child. Every … Continue reading Get inspired

Be kind to yourself

Let’s face it, sometimes your friends can treat you like shit, your fam and maybe your partner… I won’t give any examples, I’m pretty sure you can use some of your experience and imagination to fill in the gaps. Despite them being annoying and shitty at times and regardless of any stupid/selfish/ abnormal behavior they end up doing, you’ll always like them. You like them for their true character, their personality, the way they can brighten up your day, the way they don’t mind sharing their fries with you * YUMM. FRIES.*, they’re your friends and you like them. Not … Continue reading Be kind to yourself

Why I’m a feminist

A lot of people won’t even read the article once they’ve read the term “feminist” in my title, and that’s okay. For the ones who actually continue reading, whether you’re a feminist yourself,  whether you’re not, and whether you hate feminism  and actually keep on reading, I just want to emphasize why I, MYSELF, am a feminist. For lots and loooots of people, feminism = hating men. I’m so sorry to actually tell you this; but, 1. It’s not. 2. You’re stupid. For what’s worth, people were feminists even before that word ever existed, now it’s all like “Do you … Continue reading Why I’m a feminist


Throughout human history, our race has witnessed eras where great leaders ruled, some fighting for humanity’s sake, and some in the name of power, we can’t but mention some of  history’s greatest leaders such as Lincoln, Mandela… However, are we to look back at the people who had the guts, the will and hope in building a better tomorrow, rather than actually build one ourselves? In fact, what the world lacks today is a strong presence of LEADERS. Question to be asked, how can one turn out to be a leader? The answers to such question are infinite, as each … Continue reading Lead

Live it up !

The whole world is all talking about one thing and one thing only, and that is the World Cup ! The World Cup finale is This SUNDAY, between 2 tough teams; Croatia and France. May the best team win ! And now, There’s no better way to kick off our Weekend than with this amazing song ! What excites me is the presence of Will Smith in this song ! Enjoy it beautiful people.   What do you think about the finale? what about the song ? Continue reading Live it up !


Good morning, good afternoon, good evening ( depends where you’re at ). As some of you guys know what kind of tragedy I went through and experienced these past few days, I shared some of it on my latest post. At first, it was just about sharing news with you. It was something i’ve written at like 5 am, it was from the heart: Real, honest and true. I didn’t even bother to edit it and fix the mistakes. I didn’t care. All i wanted was to get some of the burden off of my chest through writing and sharing.  … Continue reading Thankful

Heaven has gained a new angel.

In loving memory of my dearest little brother, my friend of 16 years. Rest in peace tough guy. The ghost of death not long ago Hunted lives to feed his soul, Last night, his hunger grew Decided at last to hunt some new; Young souls and hearts cause that he knew They were the tasty ones, of life so full. The ghost onto his search ran past a few But didn’t catch his eye only those of blue; Of that little man in an hour of sin Found himself in desperation and that which in; Carried his pack of cigarettes, … Continue reading Heaven has gained a new angel.

Back from the dead.

It’s been 4 months since i last typed on this keyboard. It’s been 4 months since i last visited this website, last checked my notifications, last read emails from this platform… It’s been 4 months since i last felt alive. I’ve suffered from writer’s block for 4 hard tiring months. I always heard about writer’s block but never actually believed in it. I mean, writing is *easy*, all you actually have to do is just grab your pen and get your notebook and write, or sit right in front of your laptop and WRITE. However, what i discovered these past … Continue reading Back from the dead.

Here’s to you

*Happy New Yeaaaaaaaaaar* That’s it. The book we call life is still folding its pages, and now, the chapter called 2017 is over. Countries like Indonesia, China, Australia ect ect welcomed 2018 with an open heart and a huge smile. So, in this occasion i want to take it upon myself to wish you all a HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY New Year. I hope you all get what your heart desires, in addition, i hope you take all of your dreams and make them come true. You can. I believe in YOU. All of you. I hope, from the bottom of … Continue reading Here’s to you