Hello Halloween

What ? It’s Halloween already ?? *Checks calendar* Yup. it is ! Halloween is back at it again, and what’s better than going trick or treating ?? No matter how old we get, this holiday is dear to our hearts. The whole process is refreshing, brings us back to childhood. Choosing your costume, Going trick or treating, Halloween themed parties, EATING THE CANDY… the list goes on and on !! What i also like about Halloween *not more than candy though* is celebrity costumes ! I always wait to see what some of the celebrity prepared for Halloween. I mean, … Continue reading Hello Halloween


Check your calendars everybody !! It’s October 1st !  You know what that means ? ( Uhummmm) 1- Autumn is in the house! Hoodie season, Long warm socks, yellow/orange dead leaves all over the place, a cold breeze early in the morning, cold nights decorated with hot chocolat… 🍂🍂 2-Halloweeeeeeeeeen! Yup, you heard me. It’s Halloween season! (+Candy) 3-  Pumpkin Everything  *No comments needed* 4-Tv Series Season All of your fav Tv series hit your screens this time of the year .. feels like Christmas already !! Can’t wait to watch all new seasons of my fav tv shows! 5- Beer Month … Continue reading October

No scars to your beautiful

Hello there beautiful people ! How are you doing ? Hope your weekend is going as planned, no matter what you’re up to, make sure that it makes you happy ! a while ago, i posted about the amazing song ” No scars to your beautiful” by the AMAZING Alessia Cara, here. I always listen to this song, whatever i’m feeling, if you haven’t listened to it yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? go ahead, check it out. It’s not just a song, you know? it’s real. and songs like that in the music industry are so rare, so here’s … Continue reading No scars to your beautiful

What Happened to Childhood?

Yesterday started off as your “typical” “normal” day. I had breakfast with my bestfriend, met my other friends and my boyfriend for basketball practice, and then hung out together for the rest of the day…. Normal.. right? Well yeah, it seemed that way, until something strange happened, something I’m ought not to forget for as long as I live. We were talking and laughing and taking pictures, just like normal teens do… until I spotted a couple of kids, observing the playground and just staring at us and at all the others kids that were there. I looked over to … Continue reading What Happened to Childhood?

Quote of the day

We all love different things, so when we’re asked “what do you love”, our answers differ from : my phone, my fav book, my mom, my boyfriend, my hair, my car, ect… There are a thousand, yet a million things we love, but we often forget one thing. We forget to love ourselves. Yes, loving our body, our mind, our smile, every atom of our body, is a MUST. How can we expect to be loved in every way possible, if we don’t love and value ourselves first? Here’s the deal; You won’t be loved, truly loved, until you learn … Continue reading Quote of the day


Here’s the story of a girl who grew up to be a strong independent badass woman. She was a little girl, who had to leave her country with her family, and take another as a home. She grew up, with her family being torn apart; her older sisters got married, her brothers left home, some traveled and some no. She went to school, studied hard, and got to go to college. However, she didn’t have the chance to get her diploma. War got in her way, and she had to leave her studies aside. She had to find a job … Continue reading Sunshine

For the tummy!

Hello hello !!  I’m here not only to talk about my day and the upcoming week, but, to share with you an easy yet amazing recipe for some yummy appetizer!  *Drum roll please * POTATO WEDGES !!  Easy to do, but they’re so delicious!  All you need is : Potato *duh* 1 tbs Brown Garlic powder 1 tbs Paprika mild 1/2 tbs Chili *or less if you don’t like it* 1/2 cup Vegetable oil Mix all the ingredients together and pour them on the potato after cutting them into wedges.  Put them in a sheet pan in the oven for … Continue reading For the tummy!

Always Will Be Back.

Good morning beautiful people, The last time i checked my blog, was a month or so ago. Am I proud of that? No. A lot has happened in the past few weeks, and that has kept me away from the thing i love the most… Writing. I had my midterms to worry about, i went through a tough breakup, and had health issues. Not one of my brightest months i must say. But with everything that has happened, i always found myself writing in my journal. Writing makes me happy, it makes me feel free, and it helps me overcome … Continue reading Always Will Be Back.