Zero dark thirty review

Hello there guys, I’m back with some strong material. Those past days, I’ve been a huuuuuuge sucker for movies, like honestly I’m spending half of my nights watching one movie after the other; and dammit, I’m lovin’ it. One night (yesterday), I paused my movie and said to myself : “ why the heck don’t... Continue Reading →


Hey beautiful people ! How are you? I felt like sharing a little something i was thinking about. When you find yourself drowning in hard times and tough events keep knocking on your door, find a couple of moments to count your blessings. For me ? I cherish these; I cherish the moments i spend... Continue Reading →


In a world where everything is posted online, “privacy” is kinda worn off… We scroll through our Facebook feeds, or IG feed and we can easily find pictures of those celebrities on vacay at some island, videos of our friends in Paris, and articles posted by those famous entrepreneurs talking about how “easy”  their life... Continue Reading →

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