Losing A Voice

It just seems like yesterday when my brother used to have this huge playlist on his mp3 player as well as endless songs that i was so curious to listen to, i remember waiting till he went out of the house so i can listen to these songs and get to know amazing artists. There was this one band , the first band i had ever listened to, Linkin Park . I hit play, and enjoyed dozens of songs, amazing songs, from lyrics to vocals to music…  everything . So i copied the songs and downloaded new ones. Years passed … Continue reading Losing A Voice


On Friday August 19th, The Cocktail Festival was held in Broumana. My bestfriend and I went there to have a couple of drinks , but i was surprised that the famous Lebanese international band Madinat was performing. I went CRAZEEYYYY.  I was standing so close to the stage  , when I screamed, they could literally hear me. I danced along the music and rocked my night out. When they were done, i caught a glimpse of them standing by the stage, so i went and talked to their Pianist and lead singer, Ayman and Josef. They were so friendly, i even … Continue reading Madinat 

22…. Gone but never over (II)

22 years have passed since the one and only  punk rock legend committed suicide, since the world have lost a one in a lifetime kind of human, singer, specie. My dearest Kurt.. I never had the chance to meet  you, talk to you, see you… Sadly. But, for almost 2 years now, each and every time i put a Nirvana song, i feel you there… Like you haven’t left. For almost 2 years, i’ve spent days reading about you, hearing your songs, watching some old live concerts of yours, spending hours enjoying your interviews… I feel like i know you. … Continue reading 22…. Gone but never over (II)

Meet the band -LZ

It’s been a long time since i last introduced you to a band, a singer, an artist… This time, i thought i’d introduce you to someone you may be familiar with 🙂 It’s an English Rock Band.. Rings a bell? No? Well, They are Led Zeppelin !! Led Zeppelin were, are, and will always be one of my fav bands ! I got to know them by listening to their famous song, Stairway to Heaven. And since, I’ve been Dazed & Confused ! Oh wait 😛 ! It’s their other song. My bad. Led Zeppelin, and as I said, are … Continue reading Meet the band -LZ

Meet The Singer #JK

This post should’ve been written and posted yesterday, but I came back from school exhausted and didn’t have much time to write… so, sorry about that. Today, we’ll be getting to know a Singer not a band. This Girl here is amazing, aaaand you’ll know why when you continue reading this 😉 Her name is Jordyn Kane , I guess some of you have heard her name before. Jordyn is 20 years old, she’s an awesome Singer & Songwriter. She posts youtube videos on her youtube chanel, covers for amazing songs and so. I’ve interviewed her (Kind of) , and … Continue reading Meet The Singer #JK

Meet the band SPTT

Like I promised you, every Friday will be dedicated to a new band that I’ll introduce you to. Today, I’ll be sharing some infos about a band, that I met in a strange yet beautiful way. I was sad, and un-motivated, wanting to give up.. and then, I listened to a song that changed my mind. You know, sometimes you need someone to come to you and tell you : “ Just stand up and fight !!! “ Oh! Wait! That’s the name of their single! :p Silly me. But seriously.. Their song changed my mood. Made me smile. And … Continue reading Meet the band SPTT

Meet the Band #OLR

As a huge music fan, I’m always searching for new bands, new type of music to listen to. Recently, i had the chance to listen to a new band called :  One Last Run. I was going through Youtube videos, and I noticed their page. I gave their new hit “Tell Me” a listen, and… I fell in love with their music. It wasn’t love at first sight, it was more like love at first song or something. I downloaded the song, and it took a huge part of my “Favorite Playlist” (I Don’t Add New Songs To My Playlist … Continue reading Meet the Band #OLR