The Sad Truth

-Dad, are we Shiites or Sunni? -No Son, don't ask. -Really dad.. what are we? -Son, i'm Sunni and your mom is Shiite, and you, you're baptized and Catholic, your sister is Maronite just like her husband  and your brother will marry a Druze girl. -Dad did you do so just so we could unite... Continue Reading →

Late night thoughts 7h

How small  do we often feel, when that special someone ignores us? It doesn't seem to bother us when some other person ignores us... It hits us like a hurricane when he damage is done by the one we care about the most. We stand there, close to them, but it feels like they don't... Continue Reading →

Summer 2k16

Hello guys !! The sun is brighter, nights are darker, days are longer, and everything seems more colorful and just HAPPY. Well, what seems to be behind all of this amazing mess is... yeah. SUMMER IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER!! And what matches a good  summer other than good music?! therefore, some songs have  found... Continue Reading →

Did we all have the courage to go on the journey we have always dreamed of ? Are we all proud of the decisions we made? Are we satisfied ? If you  had the chance... would you go back to where it all started and do it all over again ? the way YOU want... Continue Reading →

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