I want to be able to look back to all of my memories, sad or happy,exciting or useless, whatever. I thought that there's no better way other than to make my own "Jar of Happiness". So i did so. The process is quite simple and easy. All I have to do is write down my... Continue Reading →

Author needs help.

Hello there amazing people !! I've got myself a question to ask you guys. Is anyone around here from Ecuador ? It's an MUN Thing. I'm Ecuador's delegate.. so I can use some real direct info 🙂 !! Thank you !! ❤

I'm late, just a little, but i was thrilled when i read that i was a nominee 🙂 !! A Huge thank you goes back to the person who nominated me 🙂 designinglife01.wordpress.com So Let's get the fun started !! Award Rules: 1. Display the award on your blog. 2. Announce your win with a... Continue Reading →

"Charlie Hebdo" and many more.. They were killed. Why? hah.. They were trying to express themselves, using nothing but a pen and a paper. Not with guns, nor with wars. with a PEN. Now can you see a pen as a threat ? Does that pen make you scared till you reach a point and... Continue Reading →

Guess who's birthday is tomorrow ?? Oh wait ! It's mine !! I'll make sure to keep you guys updated on all the fun surprises ! 🙂

I'm different. I'm not sane. I change. I dream. I create. I Imagine. I love. I lose. I die. I win. I'm all of the above. People say I'm crazy, and some say I'm true. Some say I'm delusional, and the others say I know and feel too much. I doubt myself. I feel like... Continue Reading →

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