Diary of a dreamer.

I woke up that day from a weird dream that seemed too real to just be called a dream… I went back to that particular stage in my life where I had everything once again… what I had in the past was mine at last. I had my old life back. I had the friends -at least that’s what they were- ; the insane kind of people who just had it all; the wild dreams, the crazy ideas, the cars, the cash, the adventure… they had everything my heart desired. We called ourselves family at some point. How great was … Continue reading Diary of a dreamer.

Gods And Monsters

There she stood, watching them fight as if they never knew love. They fought. They yelled. They argued.you could see hatred burning brighter than sun rays in their eyes. She stood there, omnipresent, and watched them closely, kept an eye on them, not knowing whether to pray for them to work things out or to encourage them to persue their war.. for he was too toxic for her, and she, she caused that flame within him to burn brighter than himself. That night, she got into the car with them, his angel, although she knew he could barely see what’s … Continue reading Gods And Monsters


“I’m sorry; It’s over.” he said while hanging up the phone. Earlier this month, it was getting worst between the two of them, and hard to be together. They were trying to hold on to each other, but sometimes, holding on hurts more than letting go. He was a famous political man, and she was his assistant. If one didn’t know her better, they’d say she was sleeping with her boss for the sake of her job. But it’s not like that. They met and they fell for each other, like any 2 normal people, but they were everything but … Continue reading Protection

The Heart wants what it wants

She constantly reminded herself that she deserved better. She knew she deserved the kind of love, where she feels valued, loved, appreciated and most of all, respected. She knew she had to give up on the one she loved, for he didn’t love her back. And why? She never knew. She was kind to him, loved him from the bottom of her heart. Treated him as a fine man, respected him and gave him all the love she had to offer. And that.. that wasn’t enough for him. She stayed up late at night, wondering if she might have done … Continue reading The Heart wants what it wants


…her… I still long for her presence and her smile still haunts me everywhere I go and whatever I do, I picture her here, watching me like she’s never left. I picture her sleeping next to me and I can still hear her breathing.. In.. Out..  But whenever I wake up haunted by my nightmares, I search for her! For her presence! I search for Her body laying next to me in bed, her hands and her lips to comfort me.. she’s gone still.  What comforts me ?? Her ghost and her embrace, I’m sane when i feel her here … Continue reading Echoes 

Through her eyes

She stood there, next to her penthouse window. She could see the whole city through it which made her feel like she was on the edge of a whole new world. Like she was witnessing “Life” occurring. She could see taxi cars and buses driving on the highway, People walking like robots, all headed to one direction. Houses and buildings everywhere. That was city life. She stood there, picturing what people where thinking about roaming through New York City. What if that man was late for work and was running like a freak to get there before he gets fired? … Continue reading Through her eyes

Staring at an angel

She lost count of what period she was in… Was it her forth? Fifth? Was she in her English class or History class? She had no clue… not at all. She was looking past her table, across her.. a man. No no ! Not a man… an Angel. She rested her face on her desk and looked at him..  ” God oh God… what have you done to me ? What kind of human did you bring into my life ?  Look at his face .. his  perfectly round face. And his hair. Brown and soft. Look at him sitting … Continue reading Staring at an angel

Rise and Shine

The sound of her alarm beeping woke her up from what seemed like a long night sleep. She turned the alarm  off while she was still caught up in her sleep. One eye opened the other still  closed, but she knows she has to get out of bed and kick off her day with some coffee. One can’t function properly without coffee, right? One leg out, the other too, she steps right out of her bed and makes her way to the kitchen, makes her coffee, just the way she likes it. Creamy and sugary. She grabs a cookie to … Continue reading Rise and Shine

Loved and lost

He sits there, stoned face. His glass in one hand, the bottle in the other. He sits there, not just heartbroken, but every organ his body was made of was broken. Sitting in a lonely room, on a dark unlighted night. It seemed like stars ran away and the moon shut his light just to suit the man’s mood. He drank his first shot, second, third, forth.. What kind of alcohol was it? He should’ve been at least dizzy by now. He continued drinking.  Suicide thoughts decorated his dark mysterious mind. The picture of him hanging from a rope tied around … Continue reading Loved and lost

An unwated bond

She was such a beauty, medium height, hazel eyes, red full cheeks. Her smile was bright and shiny. She never had a “model” kind of body, but she was happy with her curves. And what made her special? Her long long brown curly hair. She felt like she lived for them as they did for her. Nobody ever understood that kind of bond she had with her hair. She used to take care of them. Wash them and braid them perfectly. But sometimes they gave her a headache, she was still okay with that. When she went to get her hair … Continue reading An unwated bond