I’ll be there for you II

Hello there beautiful Friends!
I hope you’re having a pleasant week!

As promised, and based on the fact that the famous F.R.I.E.N.D.S show is scheduled for a reunion this May, I’ve decided to dedicate a couple of posts to honor the great cast of this show. My previous I’ll be there for you post was about Monica Geller, you can check it out here.

This one goes out to the fans’ favorite, the Italian hubby, the Days of our Lives actor, Joseph Francis Tribbiani aka Joey!

We can all agree that Joey has the full package! he’s funny, reeeaaaally good looking (Ladies, am I right?), he’s sweet and has such a big heart! He’s sometimes described as the least bright one, but there are several times where Joey showed his wisdom and proved that he’s not just a pretty face.

In this post, I’m going to share 10 of my absolute favorite Joey Tribbiani lines!
Are you ready?

1- When you say Joey Tribbiani, you automatically hear “How you doin'”.

It’s one of the most said lines on the show, and guys here’s a tip. This pick-up line never fails! 😉

how you doin

2- “It’s a mooooo point.”

a moo point joey


pizza place joey

You NEVER hang up on the pizza place, and never order the Joey special (2 pizzas) without Joey!

4- The golden rule;

neither do I. Neither. DO. I.


Technically, he has a point! Why should we call it Adam’s apple, and why shouldn’t it go by every individual’s name? Fair point Joey.

6- What you’re about to witness Ladies and Gentlemen, is television GREATNESS.
Sit back, watch, and enjoy.

Huh Ehn, Bluh, Flah, Fluh, FLANK.

7- Never cheat on Joey.

the line is a dot to you joey

8- Remember when I told you Joey doesn’t share food? I meant it.

But that’s not the end of it…
Imagine you’re on a date with Joey and you order the last piece of cake. Your phone rings and you have to take the call, right?
I can assure you, you’ll come back to an empty plate, and he won’t be sorry!

I admit it, I wanna have a relationship like the one Joey has with food. Major goals.

9- What would you rather give up, sex or food? For most of us that is an easy question. For Joey? not so much.

10- FOOD. Joey will eat WHATEVER, even if it tastes like feet.

Joey is just Joey, you can’t put a label on him. And quite honestly, he’s our dream man!

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