5 Things I’ve learned this October

Hello November !

A new month, new journey… And it’s a new day ! πŸ™‚

We said our farewells to October yesterday.. But I’ve decided to say more than my goodbyes to another long month. Actually, I’ve learned a lot this month. We all learned something new, even if it was by accident, or even if you haven’t noticed a change in yourselves.. You’ll notice that later on.

I.The First thing I’ve learned was something inspiring, something that will keep me motivated for a long time ( I Hope):

Shoot for the Moon, even if You miss, You’ll land among the stars.

I Couldn’t agree more.. I’ve experienced something related to this amazing quote. Set a goal, And work HARD for it. Even if you don’t get what you first wanted, you’ll earn something even better along the way ! You just got to set your mind to it. Believe in what you want, but most important, believe in Yourself.

II. I’ll never pass Math:

Okay i’m joking… I’ve had problems with math for as long as i can remember. But i always seem to pass my exams with good grades. I don’t actually love the subject.. It’s annoying. But that’s part of my school’s subjects, and I should try my best ( like i said before) to have high grades, even if I H.A.T.E it πŸ˜›

III. People Are Going To Talk, Whether You’re Doing Good or Bad -Rihanna

That’s a fact. People will run their mouth, they’ll always try to criticize you. Accept that. Learn how to deal with it. You can ignore them because that’s you’re life and it’s your own roller-coaster that you’re on. Or, you can live your whole life trying to please them, and believe me, it’ll NEVER work. Every single person has something to say about you, the way you talk, walk, dress, eat, think, sleep…! You’re YOU. And you’re the best version of YOURSELF. I’m different than you, You’re nothing like your sister. Being different is what makes us special.. right? Cherish it. So, people, do your thing!

IV.Β  Family is always #1:

Family’s all you got. And by family, i don’t just mean your mom, dad, brothers… It’s your entourage. The people you’ve spent most of your life with. That’s Family. So, never turn your back on them.It’s like trying to cut a tree’s roots. A tree can never survive without its roots… Can it?

Well.. I guess we’ve all learned something these 31 days. Let the countdown begin.. November has just begun.. December is on its way ! ( Too soon?) Thought so.

Enjoy your month friends ! πŸ™‚


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