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I’m not weak, only some people might think that I am because of my feminine look and kind heart. There are some events or small incidents in our life, or something really intense that open up doors we locked a long time ago. And when those doors open, we really can’t run from it anymore.... Continue Reading →


This goes out to every girl who has experienced sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape... To every woman who had to go through this alone, who was too afraid to speak out; You are strong. I'm here for you, the whole world is cheering for you for your bravery and courage. Salute. The diary of a... Continue Reading →


I’ve always been a fan of symbolism, I always find myself searching for symbols and their meanings, symbols from any culture you could think of. One specific symbol has caught my attention for some time now so I thought I’d share it with you. It’s a Viking symbol that, at first, doesn’t look like much... Continue Reading →

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