College studying hacks

Hello there beautiful people! How are you all? I’m finally done with my first semester at college, and boyyyyyyy what a relief that is! I’m still waiting to get my results back and know for sure that I did great in my final exams! A while ago I wrote an article about studying and how... Continue Reading →

Love actually.

People often wonder about love... what is love actually? The answers vary from a person to another depending on each one’s experience... some might call it a blessing.. and others? A curse. Why? You might ask. Personally, i believe that people see love as the person they fall in love with. As if this mystery... Continue Reading →


Hello beautiful people! how are you all? I hope 2019 is treating you well so far. Allow me to ask you all a question that might come across as weird; Do you wear "permanent" jewelry? Like a bracelet or necklace or ring that you keep on wherever you go and whatever you do ? I... Continue Reading →

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