Meet Byblos/Jbeil

Hey hey heyyy !! *dramatic entrance* Hope y'all are doing well, the weekend is here ! YAY. So, today I'm writing to share, as usual, my experience and  adventure ! 3 days ago, i went to Jbeil. An amazing city in lebanon. But not just that, Jbeil is the oldest inhabited city in the world!... Continue Reading →

You Write, I Read III

Hey guys! hope the beginning of your week is as fun and joyful as you want it to be ☺️ Be happy, Be creative , be thankful! For those who don't know what "You write, i read" is, or didn't participate last time..This is your chance 🙂 Here, on this very post.. you can share... Continue Reading →

She’s a supergirl

She’s the kind of woman who would give her all to others. She’s the kind of woman who would never say that she’s tired or needs to rest. She’s the kind of woman who never gives up. She’s strong, she fights her battles alone, and she comes out of her storms victorious. She’s patient. She’s... Continue Reading →

Beirut Art Exhibition 

It's been one hell of a busy week ! School starts in 2 weeks SHARP. Just started work - new work- I'm giving lessons for an 11 year old boy, which is great cause I've worked with kids before. But let's face it, I'm not superwoman, i get  tired and i need TO REST.  However,... Continue Reading →

The talk about a better world

They talk about change. They talk about equality. They talk about human rights. They talk about animal rights. They talk about education, healthcare... They talk about the world... their own " Perfect World. " Well, i don't know if you knew, but what kind of made up world are they talking about ?? A world... Continue Reading →

Loved and lost

He sits there, stoned face. His glass in one hand, the bottle in the other. He sits there, not just heartbroken, but every organ his body was made of was broken. Sitting in a lonely room, on a dark unlighted night. It seemed like stars ran away and the moon shut his light just to... Continue Reading →

An unwated bond

She was such a beauty, medium height, hazel eyes, red full cheeks. Her smile was bright and shiny. She never had a "model" kind of body, but she was happy with her curves. And what made her special? Her long long brown curly hair. She felt like she lived for them as they did for... Continue Reading →

A Soul in love

She was alone, standing in a massive field. No one was there, no sign of life, except her own beating heart. No green trees, no car noise, no houses.. no nothing. It was her and only her. But what was she doing there? The last thing she remembers she was walking down the street at... Continue Reading →

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