Thirteen reasons why I’m Happy

Thirteen reasons why is a young adult book published in 2007, that tells the story of a girl who committed suicide due to bullying and a lot of life problems. She left 7 cassettes explaining her motives to each and every person responsible of her suicide. While this books tells the story of suicide motives, i found an outstanding idea that relates to the book, but in a positive matter. It’s about not only raising awareness about suicide, but, it reminds us of our life blessings. Thirteen reasons why i’m happy, an idea that i originally found on  Heads … Continue reading Thirteen reasons why I’m Happy

Beautiful is Pain.

  We listen to a huge amount of songs during a day, some we might dislike, and some we put on repeat. I hold an open mind about songs, I’m ready to listen to each genre; Classic, RnB, Jazz, Pop, French, Arabic, Oldies… whatever it is, if i like; I LIKE IT. But you know, you might like a lot of songs, i know i do, but there is one specific genre i just can’t ignore; The type of songs that hold a message within the lyrics. No, not the “I love you i need you” or the ”  I’m … Continue reading Beautiful is Pain.

Quote of the day

We all love different things, so when we’re asked “what do you love”, our answers differ from : my phone, my fav book, my mom, my boyfriend, my hair, my car, ect… There are a thousand, yet a million things we love, but we often forget one thing. We forget to love ourselves. Yes, loving our body, our mind, our smile, every atom of our body, is a MUST. How can we expect to be loved in every way possible, if we don’t love and value ourselves first? Here’s the deal; You won’t be loved, truly loved, until you learn … Continue reading Quote of the day

House of Cards

I’ve been watching the great American TV series “House Of Cards” a little over a month now. For those who haven’t heard of it, let me break this down for you. House of cards is a political drama, created by Beau Willimon, starring Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright and many more shining stars. It first appeared on screen  in 2013 and is expecting its 5th season in 2017. It tells the story of a US Rep. Frank Underwood, hungry for power and very manipulative, who got promised Secretary of State, but later learns that the President changed his mind. He then … Continue reading House of Cards


“I’m sorry; It’s over.” he said while hanging up the phone. Earlier this month, it was getting worst between the two of them, and hard to be together. They were trying to hold on to each other, but sometimes, holding on hurts more than letting go. He was a famous political man, and she was his assistant. If one didn’t know her better, they’d say she was sleeping with her boss for the sake of her job. But it’s not like that. They met and they fell for each other, like any 2 normal people, but they were everything but … Continue reading Protection

Something to remember

  Dear Kido, I’m writing you just to let you know a couple of things I might not have told you about. Life is a rollercoaster, you better be ready for the ride. As fun as it sounds, it’s goddamn scary. One of the craziest adventures I went through your age, was participating in MUN (Model United Nations). Not only was it fun and awesome, but, it got to me make who I am today. It opened up my eyes to some kind of potential I didn’t know I had. Not only do I suggest you go for it , … Continue reading Something to remember


Here’s the story of a girl who grew up to be a strong independent badass woman. She was a little girl, who had to leave her country with her family, and take another as a home. She grew up, with her family being torn apart; her older sisters got married, her brothers left home, some traveled and some no. She went to school, studied hard, and got to go to college. However, she didn’t have the chance to get her diploma. War got in her way, and she had to leave her studies aside. She had to find a job … Continue reading Sunshine

For the tummy!

Hello hello !!  I’m here not only to talk about my day and the upcoming week, but, to share with you an easy yet amazing recipe for some yummy appetizer!  *Drum roll please * POTATO WEDGES !!  Easy to do, but they’re so delicious!  All you need is : Potato *duh* 1 tbs Brown Garlic powder 1 tbs Paprika mild 1/2 tbs Chili *or less if you don’t like it* 1/2 cup Vegetable oil Mix all the ingredients together and pour them on the potato after cutting them into wedges.  Put them in a sheet pan in the oven for … Continue reading For the tummy!

Never too young

I think  it’s pretty obvious that writing is a priority to me. I always seem to mention how writing makes me feel, how it makes everything “fine” and how it takes me to a whole new world. Because of that, (And many more reasons), I started working on my book. It’s been almost 6 months. Is it hard ? Yes. But is it doable ? DEFINITELY. I know, writing a book doesn’t just happen over night, i know  it takes months and years, a lot of hard work and dedication. I know a book doesn’t simply sell and become a … Continue reading Never too young