What is left is just a little.

Hello Hello guys ! How are you beautiful people ? How are you spending the beginning of your summer? Well, however you’re choosing to spend it, make sure it makes you happy and leaves you with a whole lot of memories !! 🙂 This is my last OFFICIAL summer. Next year is my senior year, and after that, I’m off to college. Writing these words feels weird, so weird. 10 minutes ago, I was heading to my first ever day of school, well I don’t remember much of it, but I remember it was scary… scary but exciting. I remember … Continue reading What is left is just a little.

Little Changes In My Lifestyle.

If you’ve been around for a while, you’d know that i’m all about a healthy lifestyle, and a fit body. However, in the past couple of months, there have been a lot of distractions, that have kept me away from doing the things i love; such as going to the gym or taking care of myself in a proper healthy way. I skipped meals, and ate a ton of calories all at once, stayed in my bed for far too long and didn’t move my body. I always found excuses, but excuses don’t show results. Excuses, excuses… ” i don’t … Continue reading Little Changes In My Lifestyle.

Believe it, become it.

It’s okay not to like where you are right now. It’s okay not to love your current situation… It’s okay to want to change your life, and every corner of it. You might feel pressured, unable to breathe. Say it. Better yet, scream it. “ I hate where I am right now. I hate it.” Cry it out loud. There’s nothing wrong about it, admit it. Admit it and do not run from it. It’s  all okay until you surrender.  Until you give up. Hate it? Good. Change it ! Do not give in. it’s a tough world for a … Continue reading Believe it, become it.

Argentinean Day !!

Buenos Dias Amigos ! Yes, I know a couple of Spanish words, so I can handle myself well if I travel to Spain or Argentina someday… Speaking of the great Argentina … We had an Argentinean day a couple of days ago at school ! It was one of our main projects this year, it took a lot of effort and work to put up an amazing show. The Ambassador of Argentina in Lebanon attended the event with his lovely wife, so  you can say it was kind of a big deal ! We served Argentinean food and all! Yumm! … Continue reading Argentinean Day !!

Gods And Monsters

There she stood, watching them fight as if they never knew love. They fought. They yelled. They argued.you could see hatred burning brighter than sun rays in their eyes. She stood there, omnipresent, and watched them closely, kept an eye on them, not knowing whether to pray for them to work things out or to encourage them to persue their war.. for he was too toxic for her, and she, she caused that flame within him to burn brighter than himself. That night, she got into the car with them, his angel, although she knew he could barely see what’s … Continue reading Gods And Monsters

Thirteen reasons why I’m Happy

Thirteen reasons why is a young adult book published in 2007, that tells the story of a girl who committed suicide due to bullying and a lot of life problems. She left 7 cassettes explaining her motives to each and every person responsible of her suicide. While this books tells the story of suicide motives, i found an outstanding idea that relates to the book, but in a positive matter. It’s about not only raising awareness about suicide, but, it reminds us of our life blessings. Thirteen reasons why i’m happy, an idea that i originally found on https://terrymcnude.wordpress.com/  Heads … Continue reading Thirteen reasons why I’m Happy

Beautiful is Pain.

  We listen to a huge amount of songs during a day, some we might dislike, and some we put on repeat. I hold an open mind about songs, I’m ready to listen to each genre; Classic, RnB, Jazz, Pop, French, Arabic, Oldies… whatever it is, if i like; I LIKE IT. But you know, you might like a lot of songs, i know i do, but there is one specific genre i just can’t ignore; The type of songs that hold a message within the lyrics. No, not the “I love you i need you” or the ”  I’m … Continue reading Beautiful is Pain.

Quote of the day

We all love different things, so when we’re asked “what do you love”, our answers differ from : my phone, my fav book, my mom, my boyfriend, my hair, my car, ect… There are a thousand, yet a million things we love, but we often forget one thing. We forget to love ourselves. Yes, loving our body, our mind, our smile, every atom of our body, is a MUST. How can we expect to be loved in every way possible, if we don’t love and value ourselves first? Here’s the deal; You won’t be loved, truly loved, until you learn … Continue reading Quote of the day