One more time II – Closer

“I never expected him.” she said. “After years of building high walls around my heart trying to protect it from breaking into a million of pieces, after putting the shattered parts back, after swearing never to fall for anyone ever again before making sure I wouldn’t regret it a while later, after finally getting over the past and learning the lessons, after the wounds have finally healed… he came out of the blue and I didn’t expect him.” …. Hearing she met someone new blew my mind, and somehow broke me. So to however has her heart now, you gotta … Continue reading One more time II – Closer

Appreciation post – Birthday Shoutout

Hello hello ! How are y’all beautiful people doing ? Today, I’m introducing someone who is very dear to my heart, and I believe on this special day, they deserve to get introduced to the world through my blog and get an appreciation post. This person is the closest to my heart, has been my bestfriend for …. Well.. a reeeeally long time… So let’s get straight to the point : Georges, I can’t believe you’re finally 18 years old. 7 months ago we were celebrating my birthday and in a blink of an eye, it’s the time to celebrate … Continue reading Appreciation post – Birthday Shoutout

One more time

*this is a short story with no need of any introduction.   3 years later, after thinking she’d gave up all hope, she picked up her phone finally willing to text him. She opened his conversation, looked at his name feeling her breaths slowly getting harder to take… her fingertips started moving slowly typing “ Hey, Long time! How about we meet for coffee this week?” Right after she hit send, she knew she’d made a terrible mistake. What was she thinking? She was begging to see him it’s been long enough, if he’d wanted to, they would’ve met ever … Continue reading One more time

Back to school – Study guide

Hello there beautiful people! How are you ? As I mentioned in my previous post, September just started which means back to school season started as well. I can already feel all the mommies jump up and down full of excitement! Be careful mommies, you’re gonna miss your little child-devils, i promise. I know my Mom’s gonna miss me being around the house when I start college! I don’t know how this year passed me by, one minute I was a senior busting my ass in bio classes impatiently waiting to graduate, next thing I know is that I actually … Continue reading Back to school – Study guide


Hello beautiful people ! How are y’all doing? August said its goodbye which means summer is almost over, well not weather wise cause frankly the weather is playing games in Lebanon. When our calendar marks the end of August all we could think about is the end of summer and the beginning of fall meaning back to school season! ( in my case, it’s back to college… ) Yup, I’m a college student this year and I don’t know how to feel about that. I’m excited, happy to be studying what I find interesting rather than solving math problems all … Continue reading August-18


Throughout human history, our race has witnessed eras where great leaders ruled, some fighting for humanity’s sake, and some in the name of power, we can’t but mention some of  history’s greatest leaders such as Lincoln, Mandela… However, are we to look back at the people who had the guts, the will and hope in building a better tomorrow, rather than actually build one ourselves? In fact, what the world lacks today is a strong presence of LEADERS. Question to be asked, how can one turn out to be a leader? The answers to such question are infinite, as each … Continue reading Lead

Zero dark thirty review

Hello there guys, I’m back with some strong material. Those past days, I’ve been a huuuuuuge sucker for movies, like honestly I’m spending half of my nights watching one movie after the other; and dammit, I’m lovin’ it. One night (yesterday), I paused my movie and said to myself : “ why the heck don’t I review them?” For those who’ve been around the blog for a while, know that I usually share movies I watch, books I read, music I listen to… ect. So why stop ? This is exactly why I stand before you today with one hell … Continue reading Zero dark thirty review


Hey beautiful people ! How are you? I felt like sharing a little something i was thinking about. When you find yourself drowning in hard times and tough events keep knocking on your door, find a couple of moments to count your blessings. For me ? I cherish these; I cherish the moments i spend with my Mom, laughing, cooking, talking, watching a movie or a FRIENDS episode i made her watch like a gazillion times. I cherish the days and nights spent with my friends, oh well, i guess they’re at a level where i can just refer to … Continue reading Cherish