Here’s the story of a girl who grew up to be a strong independent badass woman. She was a little girl, who had to leave her country with her family, and take another as a home. She grew up, with her family being torn apart; her older sisters got married, her brothers left home, some traveled and some no. She went to school, studied hard, and got to go to college. However, she didn’t have the chance to get her diploma. War got in her way, and she had to leave her studies aside. She had to find a job … Continue reading Sunshine

For the tummy!

Hello hello !!  I’m here not only to talk about my day and the upcoming week, but, to share with you an easy yet amazing recipe for some yummy appetizer!  *Drum roll please * POTATO WEDGES !!  Easy to do, but they’re so delicious!  All you need is : Potato *duh* 1 tbs Brown Garlic powder 1 tbs Paprika mild 1/2 tbs Chili *or less if you don’t like it* 1/2 cup Vegetable oil Mix all the ingredients together and pour them on the potato after cutting them into wedges.  Put them in a sheet pan in the oven for … Continue reading For the tummy!

Never too young

I think¬† it’s pretty obvious that writing is a priority to me. I always seem to mention how writing makes me feel, how it makes everything “fine” and how it takes me to a whole new world. Because of that, (And many more reasons), I started working on my book. It’s been almost 6 months. Is it hard ? Yes. But is it doable ? DEFINITELY. I know, writing a book doesn’t just happen over night, i know¬† it takes months and years, a lot of hard work and dedication. I know a book doesn’t simply sell and become a … Continue reading Never too young

And we hold on

What is your dream? Your biggest, wildest dream? The one you keep thinking about when you’re all alone, and when you’re surrounded by thousands of people. The one you keep stressing about, and feeling totally excited about. The one you keep trying to ignore and put aside, while you try to create a new dream at its place.. Yeah.. It’s the dream you crave the most, the dream that scares the shit out of you, the dream that is bigger than you.  But that’s what *Dreams* are all about. If your dream doesnt scare you, it ain’t big enough! That’s … Continue reading And we hold on

Always Will Be Back.

Good morning beautiful people, The last time i checked my blog, was a month or so ago. Am I proud of that? No. A lot has happened in the past few weeks, and that has kept me away from the thing i love the most… Writing. I had my midterms to worry about, i went through a tough breakup, and had health issues. Not one of my brightest months i must say. But with everything that has happened, i always found myself writing in my journal. Writing makes me happy, it makes me feel free, and it helps me overcome … Continue reading Always Will Be Back.

Happy kids

We were those lost kids you read books or watch movies about. Just for one night, we were free…At least, we felt like it. Thus, we called ourselves “Happy Kids”. Happy? Yes. Truly? Maybe. We let go of all our problems, held hands and danced in the middle of nowhere, in a street where the moon felt like our only companion. City lights made us feel brave, the light merged with us, making us fierce and fearless. We were these kids, those who were afraid of nothing. However, We knew one thing, we ride together or we die together, for … Continue reading Happy kids

In love with the feeling

Is it normal to feel like you’re running out of oxygen, whilst doing nothing at all?Is it normal to get chills, even when it’s a hundred degrees out there? Is it normal to lose track of the dimension you’re in? Feeling like you’re out of this world, like you no longer belong here? You belong in a world of your own creation, a world about *you* and your *lover*. It is normal indeed. That’s what we call “love”. A lie of human creation. We wrapped all if these feelings and called them “love”.  My guess is, love, is complicated, mysterious … Continue reading In love with the feeling

How often

Hello hello!! Finally, my midterms are over! No more studying like 10 hours per day, no more waking up at 5 am to review, and no more stressing out about exams !! *sigh* Time to focus on my blog and my book!  But you see, in the previous week, i heard a lot of : ” I’m not capable of ..” ” I can’t do this, I’m going to fail the test” ” it’s too hard, i won’t be able to!” Plus, I saw a lot of tears.  I heard friends saying that, friends crying, friends doubting themselves.  But who … Continue reading How often

The Heart wants what it wants

She constantly reminded herself that she deserved better. She knew she deserved the kind of love, where she feels valued, loved, appreciated and most of all, respected. She knew she had to give up on the one she loved, for he didn’t love her back. And why? She never knew. She was kind to him, loved him from the bottom of her heart. Treated him as a fine man, respected him and gave him all the love she had to offer. And that.. that wasn’t enough for him. She stayed up late at night, wondering if she might have done … Continue reading The Heart wants what it wants

Crying out; Equality!

Yesterday’s march had so much more meaning than what people actually understood.People, and moslty men, posted quotes about women underestimating themselves by asking to be men’s equal, and they said ” You are superior, why are you asking to be our equal?”  No. We are no one’s superior. We are equal, created equally. We have the same MENTAL and PHYSICAL abilities. Speaking of physical abilities, girls are used to describe weakness . We say : “Stop acting like a pussy.” Or ” you hit like a girl”. Better yet, what’s wrong with hitting or throwing like a girl? Have you … Continue reading Crying out; Equality!