Gods And Monsters

There she stood, watching them fight as if they never knew love. They fought. They yelled. They argued.you could see hatred burning brighter than sun rays in their eyes.

She stood there, omnipresent, and watched them closely, kept an eye on them, not knowing whether to pray for them to work things out or to encourage them to persue their war.. for he was too toxic for her, and she, she caused that flame within him to burn brighter than himself.

That night, she got into the car with them, his angel, although she knew he could barely see what’s infront of him.. too blind for him to drive..

And the girl, well she was suffering severe depression. The girl cried as he opened his Burgundy bottle. One sip, two. Three .

There was no stopping him now.

But how could he risk both his and his girl’s lives? 

He drove like a maniac, fast, recklessly.. 

he wasn’t sober. Not even close.

Sip after sip, alcohol took over, shutting down every piece of soberty he had left. He was gone, and the evil twin of his took control.

His angel knew, they’d be in deep danger if he didn’t pull over.

But what could the angel do?


His girl, crying still.. in pain.. heartbroken.. saw nothing, for in a blink of an eye, car lights overshadowed their eye sight and BOOM.

They crashed. Seconds… NO. Milliseconds! It took no time for them to crash and hit another car.. and here it was.

Both cars stopped as if they had the chance to drive themselves. 

Both car drivers, seemed dead like.

The girl had her face burried in the glass of the broken car window. 

And him, dead.

The angel sat upon this graveyard, mourning the lost lives, wishing upon her Gods, that they bring them both back to life.

But that’s the catch…

Humans do human mistakes, irreversible mistakes.

You might be able to fix a broken car after an accident, but can you bring the dead to life?

He should’ve thought this through.. he shouldn’t have let evil spirits get into his mind.

He caused this.. he murdered himself, the love of his life too.

His angel.. left alone, all alone, grieving in absolute sadness :” my oh my.. dear child.. what have you done??”


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