The Heart wants what it wants

She constantly reminded herself that she deserved better.

She knew she deserved the kind of love, where she feels valued, loved, appreciated and most of all, respected.

She knew she had to give up on the one she loved, for he didn’t love her back.
And why? She never knew.

She was kind to him, loved him from the bottom of her heart. Treated him as a fine man, respected him and gave him all the love she had to offer. And that.. that wasn’t enough for him.

She stayed up late at night, wondering if she might have done something wrong. Whether it was her fault. Whether she wasn’t truly good enough. Maybe she wasn’t pretty enough, or smart enough. Maybe she didn’t rock that fit body. Maybe she’s not perfect. Well yeah, she’s not. Who is?

But.. when she loves, she loves hard. When she loves, she pours her heart out. She gives without wanting anything in return. She fights for the one she loves. She supports that special someone, through it all. She’s a warrior of love. She doesn’t give up that easily. But maybe this time.. maybe just maybe this time is different. Maybe it’s time to say goodbye for the love who broke her, shattered her into a million pieces, broke her heart and made her feel so little, that she started doubting herself. 

Her friends told her to give up already, ” it’s not going to happen” they said. They said she deserved better. She knew that. But something about that guy made her hold on a little longer. 

And one night, she was so frustrated that she ended everything with him. She drew the line. She’s done. She cried rivers and oceans.. she couldn’t allow herself to shead another tear. She told him she doesn’t deserve to be tread that way, she’s done. And he’s turned into a complete stranger, so he better act like one from now on.

Days passed and she saw him. She saw him and she turned her face away from the person she still adores. He looked at her, devastated, but didn’t say a thing. 

She had this one slight hope that he might approach her and tell her he loves her and that he’s so sorry. But he didn’t.

It was her wish and the world isn’t a wish granting factory.

But that night, he texted her. He told her he missed her. She said she doesn’t believe a word he says. But he didn’t care. He continued on saying it was his fault, he LOVED her but was a big asshole. He wanted a second chance.

At this point, she was confused. She’s still madly in love with him.. but maybe she should give up and never return his texts or calls again.. 

She found herself calling him, telling him she missed him more than ever. she heard him breathing through the phone, and the sound of him breathing has changed, she felt secure and at ease, something she’s never felt with him.

Yes, he changed. Nobody expected that, but he did. It took him some time to realise that he’s lost a woman who would have done anything to keep him close, so it’s about time he does the same.

Her heart and his were created as one. We were originally born with 4 eyes, 2 hearts, 4 arms and 4 legs. And then, we’re split. And we continue on living searching for our other half. And they.. they’ve found their half. 

They loved, and thank God, they didn’t give up.


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