Have the courage to do it all.


Did we all have the courage to go on the journey we have always dreamed of ?
Are we all proud of the decisions we made? Are we satisfied ?

If you  had the chance… would you go back to where it all started and do it all over again ? the way YOU want to ??

Because believe me… we say ” this is what i want ” and we say yes to things we don’t believe in. just because “it seems the right thing to do” …. BUT  sometimes the right thing to do according to PEOPLE, is not the right thing for you. So i say:
It’s not too late. Quit the job you hate, the job you wake up at 6 am to. The job that makes you sick.
Go after the one you love and try. TRY AND DO NOT GIVE UP.
Let go of the people who hurt you ! Pack your bags and go on an endless roadtrip. Travel. Live. Laugh.
Meet people from the other side of the world.
Fall in love all over again.
Dance till the sun come up again.
Shine! It is YOUR TIME…..

Believe it or not.. it will all end soon… so fellas. Make the best out of it !


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