Late night thoughts 7h

How small  do we often feel, when that special someone ignores us?
It doesn’t seem to bother us when some other person ignores us… It hits us like a hurricane when he damage is done by the one we care about the most.

We stand there, close to them, but it feels like they don’t ‘feel’ our presence, Like we’re not even there. It makes us wonder :”Am I even alive??”

The thought of us becoming totally invisible crosses our mind, and, here’s when, in this particular moment we start doubting our own existence.
“Why are you ignoring me?! I’m right here!!”
But.. we can’t say that out loud. We’d just seem desperate and hopeless. Our pride and our ego, or, what’s left of them stops us.
We can’t show or weakness, even though we start feeling our atoms, our own atoms, collapsing.

Sadly… we can do NOTHING  about it.


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