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Hello there beautiful people! How are you ? How’s your week going on ? For me, it’s been the same with a little bit pressure from work or home or friends ( it’s the Who that differs and not the actual idea.) Anyways…… I was thinking about a way I could help my other fellow... Continue Reading →

You Write, I share

The moment is hereeeee 🙂 It's time for me to share the posts of the amazing bloggers who participated ! I loved the posts, each is different and unique and original! I admire every blogger, and i feel lucky that i get the chance to read your posts and share them for the rest of... Continue Reading →

You Write, I Read. 

Hey Guys !! How are you ??  Hope y'all doing great ☺️ It's been a while since i last hosted this!! So here i am !!  The rules are... WAIT...  there are no rules! Just comment a link to your latest posts, or fav ones. No matter how many posts you share, I'll read them!... Continue Reading →

You write, I read -Share-

Hello Hello 🙂 How's everybody doing today ? Its Friday !!! I hope you guys enjoy  your weekend, be happy and do something fun ! Thank you for those who participated in last week's You write, I read!! It was a pleasure, a great pleasure of mine, reading your masterpieces ! You guys are awesomely... Continue Reading →

You write, I read.

Hey guys! hope the beginning of your weekend is full of joy and happiness ! Let's make some memories, shall we?? I'm gonna dedicate a special post to tell you about my awesome night yesterday.. but as for today, " You write, I read" is back ! For those who don't know what it is,... Continue Reading →

You write, I Read post sharing

As i promised , all of your masterpieces will be SHARED. I enjoyed reading them... A lot. And this kind of activity will be held on my blog every once in a while.. So make sure to always participate ☺️ So here are the amazing participants and their amazing work ! Here's an amazing short... Continue Reading →

What’s on Tomorrow 

Hey guys!  Hope you're having a wonderful week so far ☺️ I just wanted to give you guys a hint of tomorrow's post.. Remember " You write, I Read"?? Well, all those who participated will have their posts featured in tomorrow's post!! I just loved them all so much and i enjoyed reading each and... Continue Reading →

If we were having coffee

Hello there ! Well, i just saw the "if we were having coffee" most bloggers are writing about... so i thought, i'd  join ! 🙂  *This is dedicated for a significant one* So.... If we were having coffee.. i think i'd loose myself looking at you....loose myself watching you talk about your studies, your friends,... Continue Reading →

Here we all are, the countdown begins, Christmas is almost there ! 25 days left my friends. We're all happy all of a sudden, and ready to celebrate ! But, you know what's pissing me off ? ( and i'm not trying to be negative about a thing) The way that TV stations and programs... Continue Reading →

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