4 years

Hello hello beautiful people! how are you all doing? I most certainly hope, wish and pray that you are ALL doing just fine! This week isn't an ordinary week for me, and I'm sure y'all are wondering why? And I'm quite sure you guys figured out it's related to something that has happened 4 years... Continue Reading →

New news

Hello there beautiful people! How are you ? How’s your week going on ? For me, it’s been the same with a little bit pressure from work or home or friends ( it’s the Who that differs and not the actual idea.) Anyways…… I was thinking about a way I could help my other fellow... Continue Reading →

You write, I Read post sharing

As i promised , all of your masterpieces will be SHARED. I enjoyed reading them... A lot. And this kind of activity will be held on my blog every once in a while.. So make sure to always participate ☺️ So here are the amazing participants and their amazing work ! Here's an amazing short... Continue Reading →

What’s on Tomorrow 

Hey guys!  Hope you're having a wonderful week so far ☺️ I just wanted to give you guys a hint of tomorrow's post.. Remember " You write, I Read"?? Well, all those who participated will have their posts featured in tomorrow's post!! I just loved them all so much and i enjoyed reading each and... Continue Reading →

Let’s get in touch !

Hello there Amigos !! 🙂 Happy Sunday to all of you 🙂 I really want to be in direct contact with the maximum number of people here because let's face it, WordPress Bloggers are awesome *Bow Down* Soooo in order to do  this, Leave me your social media links ! From facebook, to instagram to... Continue Reading →

Reading experience II

As promised, i want to share with you guys what i felt and thought and imagined when reading The perks of being a wallflower. and btw, i just finished watching the movie. Now, about the movie... not as good as the book.. but still... WOW. It's just nice to see those characters you've imagined right... Continue Reading →

If we were having coffee

Hello there ! Well, i just saw the "if we were having coffee" most bloggers are writing about... so i thought, i'd  join ! 🙂  *This is dedicated for a significant one* So.... If we were having coffee.. i think i'd loose myself looking at you....loose myself watching you talk about your studies, your friends,... Continue Reading →

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