In a world where everything is posted online, “privacy” is kinda worn off… We scroll through our Facebook feeds, or IG feed and we can easily find pictures of those celebrities on vacay at some island, videos of our friends in Paris, and articles posted by those famous entrepreneurs talking about how “easy”  their life seem. What are the side effects of such activity? What do we find ourselves doing? Comparing ourselves to others. You don’t have to envy them, or throw some shade… you could easily be sitting there staring at your phone wondering what  it would be like … Continue reading Online

You write, I share

Hello beautiful people ! How are you ? As promised, “You write, I share” is back ! *yaaay* For those who are new to the blog and don’t know what that is, You write, I share is an opportunity for YOU to share your work! all you have to do is just leave me a link of your newest article, or a post you want to share… I’ll check it out, read it, leave a nice comment, and all of the other bloggers will check it out in the comment box below ! Not just that, i’ll afterwards dedicate a post … Continue reading You write, I share


Hello there beautiful people, How are y’all? How’s the weekend ? No matter where you decide to spend your weekend, or how, make sure you’re happy and safe!   Today, isn’t quite the day where I open up my blog and decide to share something positive or beautiful… I’ve always been honest and straightforward with you guys, and I plan on keeping it that way. Ruptura is the Spanish word for Breakup. There are 2 kinds of break ups in the world; boyfriend/girlfriend break ups, and bestfriend breakups. (You can still add pet breakups when the cat you’ve been feeding … Continue reading Ruptura

Life Lesson

There was once this old cobbler who lived all of his life working to put food on the table, and make sure his family got everything they needed. One day, that old man entered a lecturing room, all of the students looked at him mistaking him for their professor. To their surprise, the old man sat next to them, as if he was a student of his own. Truly, he was. One of the student looked at him with confusion and asked : “What are you doing here?  Aren’t you old to learn ?” The man cracked a smile, looked … Continue reading Life Lesson

New news

Hello there beautiful people! How are you ? How’s your week going on ? For me, it’s been the same with a little bit pressure from work or home or friends ( it’s the Who that differs and not the actual idea.) Anyways…… I was thinking about a way I could help my other fellow bloggers: You know, we all hope for some new readers, we all want to inspire ONE more person throughout our writing. I mean, this is the whole point of doing it… right ? Sooooo. I used to do the “ You Write, I Share.” But … Continue reading New news

Lacking Motivation

Hello beautiful people, how’s everything?! Is life treating you well? I certainly hope so! In this article, I want to address an issue that I’m sure EVERYONE has experienced at least a dozen of times in a day, even less ! What could I possibly be talking about? 3 words. Lack. Of. Motivation. Who hasn’t experienced this problem? It could be at work, you just don’t want to go to that same office, do the same paperwork over and over again, interact with insanely annoying colleagues aaaaand go home. Or, you could be lacking motivation to practice one of your … Continue reading Lacking Motivation

Live it up !

The whole world is all talking about one thing and one thing only, and that is the World Cup ! The World Cup finale is This SUNDAY, between 2 tough teams; Croatia and France. May the best team win ! And now, There’s no better way to kick off our Weekend than with this amazing song ! What excites me is the presence of Will Smith in this song ! Enjoy it beautiful people.   What do you think about the finale? what about the song ? Continue reading Live it up !

For the Tummy ! – Crepes

Hello beautiful people ! Today i woke up wanting to eat something. Well, when you say SOMETHING , that’s pretty vague. I spent the entire day wandering around the house ( mostly the kitchen ) so I could find something eye catching to eat ( or in that case tummy-catching), so I could find that SOMETHING i was desiring. I went to my Mom and told her i was craving something, and i had nooooo idea what it was. So, typical Mom, started listing EVERYTHING we have in the kitchen; From salty food, to appetizers, sweets, candy, veggies and fruits… ect ect. … Continue reading For the Tummy ! – Crepes