Hello beautiful people ! How are y’all doing? August said its goodbye which means summer is almost over, well not weather wise cause frankly the weather is playing games in Lebanon. When our calendar marks the end of August all we could think about is the end of summer and the beginning of fall meaning back to school season! ( in my case, it’s back to college… ) Yup, I’m a college student this year and I don’t know how to feel about that. I’m excited, happy to be studying what I find interesting rather than solving math problems all … Continue reading August-18


Throughout human history, our race has witnessed eras where great leaders ruled, some fighting for humanity’s sake, and some in the name of power, we can’t but mention some of  history’s greatest leaders such as Lincoln, Mandela… However, are we to look back at the people who had the guts, the will and hope in building a better tomorrow, rather than actually build one ourselves? In fact, what the world lacks today is a strong presence of LEADERS. Question to be asked, how can one turn out to be a leader? The answers to such question are infinite, as each … Continue reading Lead

Zero dark thirty review

Hello there guys, I’m back with some strong material. Those past days, I’ve been a huuuuuuge sucker for movies, like honestly I’m spending half of my nights watching one movie after the other; and dammit, I’m lovin’ it. One night (yesterday), I paused my movie and said to myself : “ why the heck don’t I review them?” For those who’ve been around the blog for a while, know that I usually share movies I watch, books I read, music I listen to… ect. So why stop ? This is exactly why I stand before you today with one hell … Continue reading Zero dark thirty review


Hey beautiful people ! How are you? I felt like sharing a little something i was thinking about. When you find yourself drowning in hard times and tough events keep knocking on your door, find a couple of moments to count your blessings. For me ? I cherish these; I cherish the moments i spend with my Mom, laughing, cooking, talking, watching a movie or a FRIENDS episode i made her watch like a gazillion times. I cherish the days and nights spent with my friends, oh well, i guess they’re at a level where i can just refer to … Continue reading Cherish


In a world where everything is posted online, “privacy” is kinda worn off… We scroll through our Facebook feeds, or IG feed and we can easily find pictures of those celebrities on vacay at some island, videos of our friends in Paris, and articles posted by those famous entrepreneurs talking about how “easy”  their life seem. What are the side effects of such activity? What do we find ourselves doing? Comparing ourselves to others. You don’t have to envy them, or throw some shade… you could easily be sitting there staring at your phone wondering what  it would be like … Continue reading Online

You write, I share

Hello beautiful people ! How are you ? As promised, “You write, I share” is back ! *yaaay* For those who are new to the blog and don’t know what that is, You write, I share is an opportunity for YOU to share your work! all you have to do is just leave me a link of your newest article, or a post you want to share… I’ll check it out, read it, leave a nice comment, and all of the other bloggers will check it out in the comment box below ! Not just that, i’ll afterwards dedicate a post … Continue reading You write, I share


Hello there beautiful people, How are y’all? How’s the weekend ? No matter where you decide to spend your weekend, or how, make sure you’re happy and safe!   Today, isn’t quite the day where I open up my blog and decide to share something positive or beautiful… I’ve always been honest and straightforward with you guys, and I plan on keeping it that way. Ruptura is the Spanish word for Breakup. There are 2 kinds of break ups in the world; boyfriend/girlfriend break ups, and bestfriend breakups. (You can still add pet breakups when the cat you’ve been feeding … Continue reading Ruptura