Bleeding out

Hello  all!  How are you guys ?  Wanna know how I’m feeling? Sad, upset, devastated, angry, pissed off, heartbroken… none of these words could actually describe the rage and sadness I’m feeling deep in my heart. I don’t think I’ve ever said it before, but I’m half Palestinian from my Mom’s side. I’ve never talked about it, never mentioned it here. I thought it was irrelevant information and would not effect the person that i am, the one who writes for you and communicates with you through a simple blog. Throughout the past 3-4 years, I’ve grown to know more … Continue reading Bleeding out


Is that the smell of yummy food ? hmmm.. OH YES. TURKEY time. Happy Thanksgiving to all of my amazing, beautiful, unique readers ! How was your Thanksgiving? I’m sure you filled your tummy with delicious food and your heart with awesome company. Aside from the food and the atmosphere, Thanksgiving holds a special place in my heart. Now to be completely fair, it’s only logical from my end to tell you that here in Lebanon, we don’t quite celebrate Thanksgiving. But it’s the second year that i kinda “MAKE” my family celebrate thanksgiving. ( YAY) This year was quite … Continue reading Thankful

Hello Halloween

What ? It’s Halloween already ?? *Checks calendar* Yup. it is ! Halloween is back at it again, and what’s better than going trick or treating ?? No matter how old we get, this holiday is dear to our hearts. The whole process is refreshing, brings us back to childhood. Choosing your costume, Going trick or treating, Halloween themed parties, EATING THE CANDY… the list goes on and on !! What i also like about Halloween *not more than candy though* is celebrity costumes ! I always wait to see what some of the celebrity prepared for Halloween. I mean, … Continue reading Hello Halloween


Check your calendars everybody !! It’s October 1st !  You know what that means ? ( Uhummmm) 1- Autumn is in the house! Hoodie season, Long warm socks, yellow/orange dead leaves all over the place, a cold breeze early in the morning, cold nights decorated with hot chocolat… 🍂🍂 2-Halloweeeeeeeeeen! Yup, you heard me. It’s Halloween season! (+Candy) 3-  Pumpkin Everything  *No comments needed* 4-Tv Series Season All of your fav Tv series hit your screens this time of the year .. feels like Christmas already !! Can’t wait to watch all new seasons of my fav tv shows! 5- Beer Month … Continue reading October

Liebster award … Again !!

What can i say !! each and everytime i receive this award i feel blessed and lucky ! Getting such awards is not about the *prize* rather the appreciation and feeling like what you’re doing and writing is valued and getting recognized ! Thank you for allowing me to receive this, thank you for thinking about It’s Me Saraa when receiving you award, and thank you for actually nominating me ! It means a lot ! Now because i already received this before, what i’m gonna do is just answer the questions i’ve been asked and enjoy this ! Let’s … Continue reading Liebster award … Again !!

Something new

Hello y’all ! How are you all doing !!? It’s been a while, right ? Well, I’ve been away… * you noticed*, but i had my reasons, although i hate hiding behind some lame excuses cause as I always say : If you want to do something you have to make time for it no matter what… I’m still writing though…  I always do. As  i breathe, I write. But here’s what’s been going on with my life ; This is my SENIOR highschool year. YES!! you read that right! I’m a senior! As fun and amazing as it might … Continue reading Something new