My heroine

My mom is the strongest person i know. No human on earth would’ve survived what she has gone through. My mom is brave. She’s fierce and devoted. She never puts herself first, always going above and beyond to make sure everyone is okay, always putting everyone’s happiness before hers. My mom has made countless sacrifices, no amount of money nor gold could ever be enough to pay her back. My mom started an amazing family, she gave everything up to make sure that her family sticks together. She gave her heart and soul raising two children on her own cause … Continue reading My heroine

Five Feet Apart / movie review

Hello beautiful peopleeee! How are my favorite readers and friends doing? I hope life is blessing you with laughter and health! I stand here before you today, with the intention of talking about a movie: Five feet apart. I watched it yesterday with my best friend, and I’m really proud of our choice of film. At first, I thought it’ll end up being a cliché romantic movie about two dying teens just like The fault if our stars or maybe even Midnight sun (been there watched that). But, since I don’t judge a movie by its trailer, I decided to go … Continue reading Five Feet Apart / movie review

Why most relationships fail

Relationships are harder nowadays. That’s a fact. It’s becoming more common to hear two people breaking up than settling down. I personally think it’s because people are more open now to invest time and effort in themselves rather than in other people. Meaning, at the slightest inconvenience the couple breaks up because it costs more effort and time to fix the problem and wayyyy less to drop it all. This reminds me of something I read a while ago, it was about an old married couple who’ve been together for 60 something years. The reporter asked the lady: “How did … Continue reading Why most relationships fail

Keep going

Hello beautiful people! I hope you’re happy, healthy, and feeling good to be alive. As a child, I was deceived to believe that the road to success was more a straight line, easy to walk on. I had tooooo many big dreams for a small girl.  I thought that making them dreams come true was a piece of cake, at least that’s what I thought was true. Growing up, I came to the realization that the road to success is a bumpy one, it’s a rollercoaster full of surprises ( not happy surprises of course). I got to know that … Continue reading Keep going

4 years

Hello hello beautiful people! how are you all doing? I most certainly hope, wish and pray that you are ALL doing just fine! This week isn’t an ordinary week for me, and I’m sure y’all are wondering why? And I’m quite sure you guys figured out it’s related to something that has happened 4 years ago. Riiiiiight. 4 years ago, It’s Me Saraa launched. 4 years ago, I began with what turned out to be an amazing journey. I guess I told you guys why I started this blog in the first place in some of my previous posts, but … Continue reading 4 years

College studying hacks

Hello there beautiful people! How are you all? I’m finally done with my first semester at college, and boyyyyyyy what a relief that is! I’m still waiting to get my results back and know for sure that I did great in my final exams! A while ago I wrote an article about studying and how to stay focused in high school and all, and now that I’m halfway through my first college year I thought why not do a “college” habits article! Ready? Let’s get down to business! Here are 6 lessons and habits I got to learn and adapt … Continue reading College studying hacks

Love actually.

People often wonder about love… what is love actually? The answers vary from a person to another depending on each one’s experience… some might call it a blessing.. and others? A curse. Why? You might ask. Personally, i believe that people see love as the person they fall in love with. As if this mystery we read books about, watch movies about, hearing songs about, comes in disguise as the person we meet and fall for. If our significant other ends up hurting us, we repel love. We curse it and run as far as possible , as fast as … Continue reading Love actually.


Hello beautiful people! how are you all? I hope 2019 is treating you well so far. Allow me to ask you all a question that might come across as weird; Do you wear “permanent” jewelry? Like a bracelet or necklace or ring that you keep on wherever you go and whatever you do ? I have, it’s a matter of 3 bracelets and 2 necklaces that i always have on. ALWAYS. But the thing is, when i first put one of the bracelets on, let’s say, it felt weird like it didn’t belong on my hand, i could feel it … Continue reading Habit

365 again

Hello beautiful people ! How are you all ? I hope you enjoyed the last week of 2018, and I sure as hell hope you are ready to start a new chapter in your life. It’s December 31st already, and I don’t even know how we got here so fast. “New Year” is kind of overrated, some might say, and I agree. Cause it depends on how and what you plan on doing for the next 365 days of your life. Some might just celebrate at 11:59 to 12:01, and then pick up where they left off, with the same … Continue reading 365 again

Christmas here & there

Hello beautiful people! how are y’all doingggg?? I hope you enjoyed the past couple of days, Christmas is over *sighs*, until next year!! I wish you all from the bottom of my heart a Merry joyful Christmas to you and your loved ones xx This Christmas has been different from the past ones… Allow me to explain how; As a child, Christmas was the brightest most joyful time of the year, i remember i used to wait impatiently for Christmas to arrive, i remember my mom putting our tree a month in advance just because she couldn’t keep up with … Continue reading Christmas here & there