College studying hacks

Hello there beautiful people! How are you all?

I’m finally done with my first semester at college, and boyyyyyyy what a relief that is! I’m still waiting to get my results back and know for sure that I did great in my final exams!

A while ago I wrote an article about studying and how to stay focused in high school and all, and now that I’m halfway through my first college year I thought why not do a “college” habits article!

Ready? Let’s get down to business!

Here are 6 lessons and habits I got to learn and adapt to in my 1st  college semester that helped me a lot and I hope they’ll help you college students as well!


First things first, know your classes! I struggled the first week trying to memorize what classes I had and at what time, I found myself always checking my phone and my schedule to make sure I got it right. A couple of days later I printed my schedule and put it right on my refrigerator so I’d never miss a thing!

My 2nd tip is to wake up at least an hour before class. I always made sure I had enough time to eat, get my make up done, my hair done and I never rushed trying to get ready and get to class on time. There is absolutely no need for you to stress out trying to rush to class, make sure to always have enough time to do whatever you have to do before your class starts.

One of the things I thanked God for doing is studying for my tests a week in advance. I’m a political science student, all of my classes require memorizing, believe me… If I hadn’t studied a week before I would’ve hit rock bottom. So always prepare well for your tests!

My 4th tip is to find your ideal study environment. Whether you like studying at night, at the library, in the morning or if you’re okay with noise or not, find your ideal study spot that helps you focus and eliminate any kind of distraction to really get the most of your study time! Personally, I NEED to read my material cause I have an auditory memory, therefore, I need a calm environment around me, some might have a photographic memory, find out what yours is and what helps you study best and do it.

Studying 24/7 isn’t going to help. Yup, You heard me. Stressing yourself out won’t help you get good grades. You need some time off and out. Always make time for friends and self-care. Go out for coffee, hang out with your friends, enjoy your time so when you get back to studying you’re energized and ready to go.

The 6th habit that I regret NOT doing is staying active. I hardly worked out these past 2 months and I regret it from the bottom of my core. Always, always ALWAYS find some time to hit the gym or just do some home workout. Whatever it is, stay active!

I can’t wait to see what the 2nd semester has in store for me, I’ll always keep you guys up to date on whatever happens! 🙂

Enjoy your February, xx


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