Love actually.

People often wonder about love… what is love actually? The answers vary from a person to another depending on each one’s experience… some might call it a blessing.. and others? A curse.

Why? You might ask.

Personally, i believe that people see love as the person they fall in love with. As if this mystery we read books about, watch movies about, hearing songs about, comes in disguise as the person we meet and fall for. If our significant other ends up hurting us, we repel love. We curse it and run as far as possible , as fast as possible away from it.

But that’s all in our head.

Love doesn’t hurt. The person we love hurts us. We mistake that for love. We mistake pain, hurt and mistreat for love. We let our significant other take us for granted , we give them all of our being and expect them to do the same, but we forget that not everyone has the same heart as us. Not everyone loves the same.


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