365 again

Hello beautiful people ! How are you all ?
I hope you enjoyed the last week of 2018, and I sure as hell hope you are ready to start a new chapter in your life.

It’s December 31st already, and I don’t even know how we got here so fast.
“New Year” is kind of overrated, some might say, and I agree. Cause it depends on how and what you plan on doing for the next 365 days of your life.

Some might just celebrate at 11:59 to 12:01, and then pick up where they left off, with the same mentality, same spirits, same low hopes etc etc..
Then yes, it doesn’t even matter if you celebrate New Year that way, it’s called NEW Year for a reason; it means ditch the OLD habits, OLD routines, OLD toxic mentalities, OLD damaged relationships, OLD perspectives, let go of the OLD you.

You spent the last 365 days of your life experiencing new things, going on new adventures, meeting new people, trying new things… it doesn’t have to be big. It shouldn’t be just about getting a new huge place, or a million dollar car, or stuff like that, it’s always about the little new things that happened;
That one movie you watched and changed your view on something, the new recipe you tried and ended up loving, the new artist you started listening to, the new coffee shop you started going to, the new book you read….

Those small thing shape us into becoming who we are today, and if you keep on focusing on the little things you’ll end up having huge things. It’s always one step at a time.

Therefore, if you plan on celebrating New Year the right way, do that. Tell yourself you’re going to take one step forward each day, you’re going to start loving yourself cause you deserve that, you’re going to take care of yourself and admire your flaws and imperfections. You’re going to show the people you love that you love them, and let go of whoever and whatever is holding you back, cause if there was any good in that, things would’ve been different. You’re going to work harder, read more books, train harder and get fitter. You might want to get up an hour earlier to admire the sunrise, or sleep an hour later to enjoy some quiet time alone at night.

It doesn’t matter what your goals are this year, but be fearless in the pursuit of chasing them!

You didn’t wake up everyday this year to not learn anything new, take the lessons life taught you and use them to grow older and wiser, don’t make the same mistakes twice, the same road won’t lead to a different destination!

For me personally, this year has been life changing. I graduated,  got through my first college semester *finals are on their way, fingers crossed*, I went through a lot and it was all worth it. Incidents happened and I still can’t explain why, I lost a dear friend I call my lil bro due to suicide and it was an eye opening situation for me, I lost a couple of people who meant the world and it was painful, but I know now it was for a good reason. Nothing happens without a reason. It took me quite some time to understand that, and now that I do, I thank God for everything. I got to meet amazing souls who now have a hold of my heart, I got to meet my boyfriend who’s genuinely the greatest person I’ve known and for that I’m grateful, I kept the people who are close to my heart and held them even closer * you know who you guys are! FAM*

I’m thankful for this year, and I can’t wait for the next 365 days of my life, they’re going to be LEGENDARY! *Barney Stinson vibes* ( I hope.)

Happy new year to all of you!
You beautiful people, my readers, you’re the best in the world. I hope that each one of you get the blessing they’ve been waiting for.

Last but not least, Cyranny , Rhapsody , Dewni … You ladies are amazing creatures who inspire me ! Love you loads.


Enjoy beautiful people!
Cheers xx


16 thoughts on “365 again

    1. Oh my goodness, I got so excited, I accidentally sent this giant U. But it does have meaning and it stands for YOU, who is making a difference in people’s lives. YOU, who is so kind and always sees the beauty in everything. I am so honored to have made your list and I am truly touched my dear.
      Congratulations on all of your achievements in 2018 and to all that lies ahead. May all your wishes and dreams come true and bless you every day. Hugs ❤️❤️❤️ happy New Years

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Rhapsody you made my day !!
        And I couldn’t not mention you and those 2 amazing ladies as well cause you surely left your mark in my life.
        You inspire me ….how strong you are, how compassionate and kind… it amazes me !

        I pray your 2019 turns out to be the best year of your life!
        Love you xx

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  1. My dear Lebanese Princess… I know I told you many times, but you are such an inspiring young woman! You have an old soul and the wisdom to use it to make your life and the lives of the people around you better!

    I don’t know Dewni yet, but I followed her blog and will go have a look at it soon. And it is an immense honor to find my name next to Rhapsody’s in your list! She is such an amazing Lady… Thank you for the heart-warming shoutout, you are just too kind!

    I am always amazed at how you grow to understand Life… The sum up you made for your lookback on 2018 is amazing, and I hope I’ll learn how to be as welcoming to the bad aswell as the good, in 2019! You are right about the fact that even the bad surprises are there for a reason… And in time, if we have an open heart, we get to learn the lesson 🙂

    I hope 2019 will be a healthy, happy and inspired year for you… and that you’ll get, not everything you want, but everything you need!


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    1. Cyranny..
      You know well that ever since i made my blog 3 years ago you were one of the very first people i found on WordPress, and ever since, i got the privilege of getting to know you better !

      Your posts are always unique and special.. and they’re just a reflection of your unique personality.

      Rhapsody is one of a kind ! There’s no arguing abt that.
      And Dewni is just amazing !

      Thank you for being a part of my 2018, and surely of 2019!

      Love you xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Love you too 🙂 And I have no worries that we’ll sail along each other during the year to come! We need your fresh and strong voice, Saara! xx


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