Christmas here & there

Hello beautiful people! how are y’all doingggg??
I hope you enjoyed the past couple of days, Christmas is over *sighs*, until next year!!
I wish you all from the bottom of my heart a Merry joyful Christmas to you and your loved ones xx

This Christmas has been different from the past ones… Allow me to explain how;
As a child, Christmas was the brightest most joyful time of the year, i remember i used to wait impatiently for Christmas to arrive, i remember my mom putting our tree a month in advance just because she couldn’t keep up with our nagging, we wanted to set our Christmas mood SOONER RATHER THAN LATER. i remember the giant pile of gifts, the family coming together to celebrate… i remember the feeling and how vibrant it was.

Growing up, year after year, the realness and what’s genuine about this feeling started to slowly fade away.

What actually caught my eye this year is that A LOT of people were posting about going through the same thing. We all felt less Christmassy, less joyful, less happy.
We put our tree, some Christmas carols, we decorate the house, our neighborhoods are decorated and lights are always shining all around the place, it’s nice, but it’s not enough.

We want more. What’s missing?

I kept on feeling this way till December 23rd. I woke up all hyped up impatiently waiting to celebrate Christmas  On Christmas eve, with my family seated on the table… it felt like i was 8 years old all over again. I felt true Christmas happiness.

I still don’t know why it took me that long to catch some happy feelings and joyfulness, but i got relieved i ended up celebrating like i used to.
I hope you all did as well.

Talking about Christmas, i can’t but mention all of the children in the world deprived from such feeling. Millions and millions of kids have never celebrated Christmas as we do. They’ve never felt that joy, that Christmas delight. They don’t know what it’s like to have a family and gather around the Christmas tree and open presents. They have never felt warm, nor on the inside nor the outside on Christmas eve.
My thoughts and prayers go to those kids. If we feel Christmas vibes fading away as we get older, these kids have never experienced it, not at all.

On the other hand, i’d like to note as well that there are people all over the world feeling lonely on the most beautiful time of the year.  They have no one to celebrate with, they have no family no friends and absolutely no one to wish a merry Christmas to, and for those who have people to celebrate with and aren’t feeling it as well because they’re sad and alone on the inside. You’re not alone.

I hope each and every one of you reading this take a moment and think about the kids, the homeless and the lonely.

Let us not take for granted the people we have in our life and the things we own. Let us truly appreciate what we have, for millions have nothing.
Let us feel the true meaning of Christmas in our heart, and then spread this joy all over the place and make people around us happy as well.

Merry Christmas to all !
I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your holidays xx


5 thoughts on “Christmas here & there

  1. A happy holiday season to you too, dear Saraa! I felt the same this year… The Christmas spirit took a long time to set in, but I had a good time with my family and friends starting December 23rd. Maybe we just have too much to deal with in our lives, that it makes it more difficult to let go and just enjoy ourselves earlier?

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    1. So glad to hear that you were capable to celebrate at last !! ❤️

      I guess that’s it.. as we grow up our responsibilities grow as well..
      fingers crossed we’ll always find our way back to child in us to enjoy Christmas and all the little things🤞❤️
      Love you

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