Here again

A couple of months away from my blog, but I constantly find myself coming back.
It’s not my first time taking a break from my blog, but it was my first taking a break from *writing* as a whole.
Don’t ask me how i was capable of doing so, for those who’ve been around my blog for the past 2-3 years know that i write as i breathe.

Last time I stopped posting on my blog was due to lack of time and lots of pressure that kept me from posting regularly… but this time was different.

I haven’t been writing, not at all. Not even on paper… and that scared the living crap out of me.
Writing is what i’ve always been known for, it’s what i do best. To not write for such a long period of time made me feel like i have lost what was keeping me sane.

Scary. I know.

I want to say that it was lack of motivation or even inspiration… but that wasn’t my case. I thought so at first but then i came to realization that it just wasn’t it.

I then thought it was “Writer’s block” … Yeaaaaaah, wasn’t the problem either.
You know, cause i had A LOT to write about, i had material, i had ideas, thoughts, stories… i just didn’t know how to transform them from *ideas* to *words*. I just wasn’t capable of writing them down.
That feeling sucked. IT JUST SUCKED. I didn’t know what to do, cause believe me, i tried EVERYTHING.

The solution to my “Problem” came unexpectedly. I don’t know how, but it somehow did.

I found myself writing again without even realizing it. I just … *wrote*… naturally, like i never stopped.

You know how i always wrote about “getting inspired” and “finding your own inspiration and motivation to get things done” and all that…. well what came to my surprise is that a person actually was behind my cure. Out of nowhere, that person healed that broken part in me and got me to write. He ( YES IT’S A HE, MORE ON THAT LATER) got me to write again and he doesn’t even know it. I wrote because i was filled so much passion, unexplainable feelings, vibrant emotions… and there was no other way to express whatever was going on deep inside my soul other than just “writing them down”. That same person, pushed me towards getting back on track and posting again.
It feels so good to be back. WordPress has been my home for 3 and a half years, my readers have supported me in such way i can never pay them back, i met amazing,full of life writers thanks to this platform, and i can’t imagine not having all of that.

You guys are behind my love for WordPress.
Thank you for bearing with me my happy/sad moments throughout these years.

Stay posted for more on my blog real soon !

Enjoy your holidays !



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