Get inspired


Hey beautiful people ! how are y’all doing?
I hope life is treating you well !

Today I want to address something that ALL of us face. You know, when you’re stuck in that same routine for quite some time, you kind of lose inspiration. You might stumble off the path here and there and feel like you’re drowning in darkness, you’re just uninspired.

I want you to know first that it’s totally normal, here are a few tips to get you over that hill.

First thing’s first, dig deep in your soul to reconnect with your inner child. Every one of us has an inner child within them who just loves to play and have fun.
Write down a list of the things you love to do, things that might have lit a spark in you in the past, and just do them! Whether it’s cooking, hiking, playing an instrument, doing yoga or working out, reading, painting… the list is looong enough for you to just do the things that make you happy and bring you back to life.

My second tip is try to learn something new, invest in new ideas, learn a language or try a new recipe, read a new book, scroll through YouTube or Pinterest and you’ll find tons of new things you would want to try. You might end up having a new hobby!

Next is try having some alone time. Go for a walk alone, get in your car put your favorite music on and drive alone. Take a walk in the forest, go to your favorite quiet spot and enjoy your alone time. You’ll feel that you’re recharging.
Spending some time alone is HEALTHY. Get back in touch with nature and your soul.

My 4th tip is one I do a lot, and that is listening to podcasts. You’ll find a lot of motivational/inspiration stuff you would want to listen to. Do that while you’re out alone, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone ( 3 birds actually); you’ll be exercising, enjoying some alone time AND listening to podcasts to find some inspiration. I guarantee you, it works.

The next thing you can and SHOULD do more often is getting out of your comfort zone ! yesssss. Do some exciting stuff that might scare you a little, but that’s only when you’ll find yourself enjoying life. Talk to some strangers, bond and connect with them, travel, go out for some karaoke, go bungee jumping… just get out there and enjoy life!

One of my favorite things to do as well is writing down my thoughts, putting your feelings right in front of you helps you get a lot of that tension out. Get a journal and write down whatever you want. It really helps.

So guys as you can see, there are a lot of things you can do to get you back on your feet.
Don’t panic when you feel uninspired, it happens to all of us. You just got to find what lights you up and makes you feel alive.

I hope you find my tips helpful !

Have a blessed weekend beautiful people.


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