Be kind to yourself

Let’s face it, sometimes your friends can treat you like shit, your fam and maybe your partner… I won’t give any examples, I’m pretty sure you can use some of your experience and imagination to fill in the gaps.

Despite them being annoying and shitty at times and regardless of any stupid/selfish/ abnormal behavior they end up doing, you’ll always like them.

You like them for their true character, their personality, the way they can brighten up your day, the way they don’t mind sharing their fries with you * YUMM. FRIES.*, they’re your friends and you like them.

Not just that, you ACCEPT them. You accept their flaws, their insecurities, their past, their faults… you accept them. If they have a bad habit, you help them get rid of it. If they’re sad and upset, you help them and try to make their day, if they fail you support them, if they mess up, you tell them and help them make it right.

My question is; why can’t you do the same for YOURSELF?
How many of you haven’t been nice to themselves lately?
I know I can sometimes treat myself like… SHIT. In fact, YOU more than anyone else know that you can be quite shitty as well ( if you’re a normal human being.)

I know for a fact that I can be incredibly annoying at times, I’m flawed and I mess up. Even when I try hard and give it my best, I fail. I know I’m that annoying friend who leaves about a hundred messages if my favorite movie is on TV, I’m that pain in the ass partner who requires loots of attention just like a little puppy. I know I can be that shitty family member who uses their sarcasm more than I should.

If we can accept those things in other people, why can’t we accept them in ourselves?

Self-love is important. You should be able to express it not just when you’re at your best when you’re succeeding in life and everything seems right and amazing, but also when you try five thousand times and fail.

You should be able to love yourself when your room is a mess and you don’t feel like cleaning it up because there is about a thousand things going on in the world, and when you cancel on your friends because you just don’t feel like going out.

You should be able to love yourself when you know you’re flawed *everyone else is too* and you see shitty aspects in your personality, cause you know you’ll work on them.

You can be nice to yourself AND work on being better.

Pay attention at how you talk to yourself, at how you react to your failure and your embarrassing moments, because everyone has them too… even Beyonce.

Don’t feel bad about feeling bad, instead, remind yourself that it’s okay. Accept that something bad happened, or you just woke up not feeling it. Once you accept it and acknowledge it, you can work on it.

Imagine a huge group of people feeling the exact same way, because believe it or not, people from all of over the world can and are dealing with the same thing you are.

There are two ways to approach those kind of moments;
There’s self-criticism, it’s when you just say to yourself “what’s wrong with me? Why couldn’t I get this done when everyone else could? Why am I feeling this way?” and a hundred of other negative thoughts you can tell yourself.

Ooooor, you can talk to yourself the same way you’d talk to a friend who’d call you and say Hey, I messed up. Or Hey, I woke up feeling like a total loser.

I’m pretty sure you won’t beat them up and make them feel worse.
You’ll probably tell them: it’s okay. You made a mistake and it happens to the best of people.  You’re going to make it right. You just need to pick yourself up and work on making it better.

Or hey, it’s okay to feel this way, you can feel like you’re not at your best right now, scream, yell and cry. But remember that you’re loved, you’re a kind human being, you make people around you smile and laugh till they cry, you’re a hard worker and full of life. Don’t let this feeling eat you alive.

Self-love is important. Love yourself. Love your flaws and your perfections. Love your mistakes and all of the things you’ve done right in your life. Love your choices, the right AND wrong ones. Love your life, and make the absolute best out of it.

It’s only fair if you do so.Bekindtoyourself-700x467


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