Heaven has gained a new angel.

In loving memory of my dearest little brother, my friend of 16 years. Rest in peace tough guy.

The ghost of death not long ago

Hunted lives to feed his soul,

Last night, his hunger grew

Decided at last to hunt some new;

Young souls and hearts cause that he knew

They were the tasty ones, of life so full.

The ghost onto his search ran past a few

But didn’t catch his eye only those of blue;

Of that little man in an hour of sin

Found himself in desperation and that which in;

Carried his pack of cigarettes, his lighter too

Thought he needed something else, a gun, but what for?

Couldn’t he carry on just a little more?

The ghost of death sent a vibe his way

“Take the gun child, let me lead the way.”

The handsome man nodded and gently obeyed

And on that abandoned rock down the forest he layed;

Himself down and smoked a pack to think

What is this life im living? What more could it bring?

The ghost pointed at the gun layed beside him

And smiled at his face cause he knew he could guide him;

To take that bullet out of his pocket and 3. 2. 1.

A blast took part and was the only one.

One was enough to lay him dead and gone

You filthy ghost took the life within him, now begone!

You took a friend, a son and a brother…FINE! I learned your lesson

You hunt the kindest humans as your angels in heaven.

P.S: i wanted to publish the unedited version of my writing. This was written at 5 am with a shattered broken heart and swallowed eyes.

This time it’s not about making the writing perfect, rather than real.

RIP Joe, I’ll miss you my friend and forever remember you for your courage and bravery.

May the mighty Lord keep you and your family safe my fellow bloggers.

66 thoughts on “Heaven has gained a new angel.

Add yours

  1. OMG Saraa….. I will not “like” this for obvious reasons!

    Please, leave me a little note at cyranny@gmail.com I don’t want to talk about this in public…

    ALL my good thoughts are with you today, Beautiful!! *Tight tight hugs*

    *Love* to you and your family! xx

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  2. Oh Saraa………..I hurt for you and your family. I hurt for your brother’s friends. I wish there was a word, a sentence I could say to make things right for you now. Dear girl, know there are people you have spoken with only through a faceless machine that feel as if they are your friends, and we are hurting for you. Bless you and stay safe. Prayers.

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    1. Wow Suze…
      I’ll keep this very close to my heart.

      Your words comfort me.
      They’re appreciated too…

      Truly … i found friends here … you too are one to be called my friend.

      Thank you SO much.


  3. I am so, so, so sorry for you. I just feel so sad thinking how much pain you and your family have to go through right now, after that loss. It’s heartbreaking for me to read about it, so I can’t imagine how it must feel for you, dear. Sending warm and comforting hugs, although I know nothing can bring you comfort at this point, but I just wanted to tell you that I’m with you and feeling for you deeply. Your poem is beautiful. It isn’t the best word to define it, but I mean you expressed it so honestly and it is indeed very real.

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  4. I am so sorry for your broken heart Saraa. Hold tight to those who grieve with you and know you are surrounded in cyber space by strangers who send you hugs, cry for your loss and feel the weight of your pain in the poem you wrote for your brother.

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    1. Maggie…
      You cant imagine how thankful i am for being on this platform.
      I’m indeed surrounded by beautiful people.
      You’re one of those people.

      Thank you my dear.


  5. My deepest condolences. I encourage you to, after grief, raise awareness. I encourage you to write to keep him alive in your memory very vividly. My heart is with you…

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  6. Ouch, you write well, and your loss is too deep to comprehend … left with no answers to your questions … one gone too young, his suffering is over as yours begins 😦

    Hugs and love coming your way xx

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  7. So very, very sorry!! Giant hugs to you, the death of a loved one is the hardest thing ever. I pray that you can feel comfort and peace surround you right now by those who love and care about you.

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  8. I am so sorry to read about your loss, Saraa. I might understand more of what you are going thru right now than most, because three years ago next week my grandson took his life when he could no longer see a different way to go. Two months ago another grandson, his younger brother, attempted the same thing. God was watching closely this time, and his attempt was not successful. I look around my apartment and see these sweet little boys in happier times and mourn anew at the loss of innocence they experienced. What I write will not ease the pain you feel now, and while you will, in time, get around the shock and pain of his loss, I hope it will give you hope of a better day when the pain is dulled a bit, It will become easier with time, and he will live forever in your loving memories, God be with you.

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    1. Hello Dear …
      I’m so so so soooo sorry to hear that about your grandson. He’s in a far better place im sure…

      And I understand … it’s hard , we have to stay strong and take it one step at a time …
      it doesnt get easier, we just get used to it.

      I’m sure you’re grandson is watching over you just like Joe is watching over us.

      May God protect you and your fam. I pray to the Lord that you all remain happy and safe.

      Thank you dear ..

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      1. Thank you for taking time to respond during this trying day in your life. I feel that I have an army of angels looking over me now, two babies who passed away very young and many years ago, my parents, uncles, aunts, cousins and now my grandson. He is in a much better place now where the horrible things in this life can no longer hurt him. And I have so many wonderful memories.

        The memories will keep you going as well, and at my age of 75 I will see them all soon in that wonderful place where pain no longer exists. I am also praying for you and your family that you will all know some peace soon.

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  9. I am so so sorry to hear about Joe. My heartfelt condolences to you and your family. May God give you the courage to get through this rough time. Maybe he heard you and scheduled the football World Cup. I hope Joe finds the peace and happiness he wanted. Many many warm hugs to you. In case you want to talk ever, ping me anytime.

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