Fresh Start with a Cause

Hello to all of you amazing people! How are y’all doing? 

Is 2018 treating you like royalty so far??? 

Well, i spent the last couple of days of 2017 with a new look. Yup, you heard me. As i decided to welcome 2018 with something new.

If you ask about me, I’m not into cutting my hair. Although, my hair is the frizziest hair of all. The curliest. The hardest to comb. Any of the women out there can relate??

HOWEVER, i absolutely love it. It gives me such a hard time, but i looooove it. Especially when it got really long. Like, 85 cm long. 

Aha, you heard me.

Now, the story is, that whenever i go to get my hair done, my hairdresser is like :” when are you planning on cutting it?” “You know, if you cut your hair I’d be happy to buy it. Think about it”

My reply was always the same : ” no thank you.”

Even my mom had her own share, she wanted me to cut it as well. Not a lot, just cut it.

And for two long years, i didn’t even THINK about cutting it. I know, it’s not healthy for your hair. It gets tired and loses its strength, but i just didn’t want to. I used to pamper it and take good care of it. I mean, i grew it myself right??

December 27th. Don’t ask how and why, i went to the salon.. and … ✂️✂️✂️✂️ CUT MY HAIR.



I swear, i didn’t expect to LOVE it. But. I ended up loving it. 


I kept my hair though. the 37 cm of my own hair, is going to look beautiful on somebody else. Somebody who needs it more than i do. Someone who doesn’t have hair…

Yes, im talking about a little girl with cancer. I dont need to make hair extensions for myself, eventually my hair is going to grow back.

But a girl suffering with cancer, getting treated and has lost her hair, needs my hair more than i do.

I’m going to give it away. That’ll make me 10000000000 times more happy than keeping it to myself.

I encourage every woman out there with long hair to cut it and give it away. Donate it… some little girl out there WOULD KILL to feel beautiful with hair. She might not know that she’s beautiful either ways, she might need it.

So why not make someone’s day? 


2 thoughts on “Fresh Start with a Cause

  1. It is a noble act and required strength and dedication. I am sure that what you have done is simply the result of a real human who understands life deeply.

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