New Year, New YOU?

Hola Amigos ! 🙂
How are y’all doin’?

Since there are a couple of days left in 2017, less than a week, less than 5 days… i think a whole lot of you are starting to work on their new year’s resolution, what to do next this year, what to change and what to start doing.

I used to do that, for the past two years, i used to sit down, my journal in my hand, a pen in the other, start  to think about what i want to achieve in the upcoming year. i used to think about my goals, my wants and my needs, my ambitions, what to change in my own self, what to start adapting, new habits and a whole new  lifestyle .

To be completely honest with you, these resolutions only lasted a month. MAXIMUM.

You see the thing is, at the beginning of the year we’re excited, thrilled. why wouldn’t be ?

Each one of us had their own battles and fights and obstacles to overcome. we all learned a new couple of things, we changed throughout 365 days, we grew. That’s what should happen and it did.

We take these little things and add them to our resolution. But we don’t stick to it. Very few of us do.

So you know what ?

Writing a resolution this year, December 31st, won’t change a thing. You won’t stick to it for more than a month or two.

you’re not to blame.

I got a reasonable reason to it. See.. We think about what we want to do in 12 month, in a matter of a week. and then we forget about the excitement, the hunger that we feel to get there, the thirst to achieve our dreams.

So don’t just write a resolution at the beginning of the year. Write one every day.

When you wake up, think about what you want to do TODAY. your dreams and future goals might not change, but you’ll get to FEEL how bad you want them each and every day.

And one more thing; don’t write fairytale goals. start off with the little things, step by step, you’ll climb up the ladder and get there. if  you write: i wanna get a book published this year, you dropped a lot of little actions that will get you there, instead, write this : I Will sit down and write 30 mins a day. i will find an editor, search for a  publishing house.. ect…

This is how you get things done.

Add stuff that will make others happy too, smile to the waiter, to a stranger. say thank you, and im sorry. Talk about your feelings don’t just hide them. Be honest and open. Give don’t just take. Be more optimistic.
Read a book, turn off your phone more often and spend time with your loved ones. learn a new recipe each week, try out new things. Workout. drink more water and eat healthier food.

The list goes on and on and on …

This year, MAKE IT YOUR YEAR. literally.

Wake up each day energized and hungry for more.

Stay humble, loving and a caring human being.

Last but not least, enjoy what’s left of 2017. It’s still not over 🙂


10 thoughts on “New Year, New YOU?

  1. Happy New Year! Usually I don’t do resolutions because I, like you, feel like they don’t stick and then at the end of the year you’re only left with a bad feeling of all the things you said you would do but didn’t. I like the thing about breaking up your goals. Instead of having this huge thing you want to accomplish, smaller steps and milestones makes it so much more motivating I think 😀
    Great post I look forward to reading more from you in 2018 xx Hopefully I’ll be a bit more active myself as well, but we’ll see about that ;P

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Tyler !
      Welcome to my blog i guess it’s the first seen I’ve seen you here ☺️

      I hope that this year, it’ll be different for you. I hope that you work hard and fight harder to earn everything you’ve ever wanted. And i hope you don’t ever give up and keep fighting.

      Happy new year to You! Wishing you all the best ☺️
      Can’t wait to read about you and your writings.☺️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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