Living it the Christmas way

Hey ladies and gentlemen!

How are you all?? How are your christmas preparations?? 

Speaking of which… i got the experience the REAL meaning of Christmas last Wednesday.

You know we hear a lot of ” Live Christmas the right way!” Or ” Feel Christmas’s value!”

How often do we ignore these sayings ?

As Seniors in my school, we experienced the real meaning of Christmas.

Let me tell you more, we didn’t give away presents, nothing materialistic. But, we distributed messages, sayings, quotes.. quotes that can make someone smile and feel The Christmas spirit. We stood in the middle of the road singing Christmas carols and giving away these messages…

Some of the people thought we were giving something away for money, so they didn’t stop. However, we did shout MERRY CHRISTMAS to them anyways.

And for those who did stop and take a message, they helped us achieve our goal and live with us a true Christmas.

While we were on the road, we were Happy, truly honestly one hundred percent happy.

At the end of the day, Christmas isn’t about a present. A gift. What’s under the Christmas tree and all of these materialistic stuff. None of that mean a thing if you’re not living Christmas in your HEART and SOUL.

Be happy and spread happiness.

Smile more often even to strangers.

Shout MERRY CHRISTMAS to those who frown in your face.

Hug your cousins and family.

THAT’S what counts the most.

And if you do that more often, you get to live CHRISTMAS everyday. Not just on Christmas day.

Merry Christmas to all of you. 

You guys were my favorite gift this year. You made it a year to remember with all of your support and kind messages. 

Love you all ☺️❤️



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