Quote(s) of the day

I got confused whether to put Quote or Quotes .. but since they go back to the same thing .. it doesn’t actually mattter.

Never give up on your dreams. Chase them and don’t be afraid. You’ll only get there by working hard hard hard hard.

One day you’ll look back and say : I did it.

Live for that moment, work for that moment.


10 thoughts on “Quote(s) of the day

    1. It’s okay to dream more than one dream. But if you wanna leave it to fate, fate does nothing if you don’t put in some effort …
      A dream is a wish with a plan, so if you don’t *do* something to help make it happen, it simply won’t.
      However, im sure you’re making an effort and working hard to reach your goals ❤️


      1. I don’t believe in the concept of fate…But rather in multiple chances and lessons we learn as individuals..And we form ourselve and change on the path. And I believe that my dreams are always different.


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