High by numbers

Hello Ladies ans Gentlemen!

How are you all??

Guys, i wanted to show you something .. something that hit me hard last night.

So this is a screen shot i took LAST NIGHT.
And this one ..


Do you see that? 

These numbers are accurate and real. they say a lot about the planet we’re living on.

What are yor thoughts??

What do you think???


6 thoughts on “High by numbers

    1. David !! Hello !!
      Long time …

      For sure my friend. But you know, sometimes you gotta point out stuff like that.
      Not to forget, my blog’s main purpose is to make people smile more often☺️

      Miss you !
      Take care !☺️

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  1. I understand, it’s good to realize that the world is not only fun and laughter, from time to time.
    For instance, suicide is a natural ‘thing’. I would recommend you to to read Emile Durkheim, father of Sociology, ‘The suicide’. You’ll see it from a different perspective 😉
    Miss you too 😘😘
    Big hugs!!

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