We are one, or are we?

The moment we’re brought upon this world, we’re chosen our name, family, race, and well, our religion.
These things, we don’t choose for ourselves, but our parents choose for us.

For a long time now, the world has suffered because of our differences, because the other person standing right in front of me is not like me, because he doesn’t share the same gender, the same race, the same ethics, and the same religion.

Religion has been the reason behind many many many wars, religion has been used as a tool to bring greed and hatred upon nations, an instrument of war and power. To conquer another group of people, we put their religion as a reason and so, we attack them for being different.

However… religion has always presented itself as peaceful, uniting, and no matter the differences between one religion and the other… they always have some traits in common. And we, as people, we only spot the difference and not the similarity.

Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism, Judaism… They share common traits, common beliefs.

They all praise God, they all seek love, peace, unity… then why use religion as a gun to fire in the face of every dissimilar person we come across.. ?

How do we call ourselves “believers” if we don’t cherish and love one another, even through our differences?

How do we have the nerve to judge another person because they are different, and call ourselves the sons and daughters of God?

Are we really who claim we are? do we go by what our religion ask us to with love and care ? do we love our neighbor, cherish our parents, seek peace, fight but with love, give our hands and hearts to those in need, make a change, pray for the good of others? do we?

or do we just claim that we are religious and forget to go by what our religion ask us to?

is that how it has become nowadays? because, sadly, and unfortunately it has.

People are using religion as a profit, as an investment, as a tool to enslave others and use power to force them to do what we want.

Let’s open our eyes and know that this is NOT right… we know it’s not… and we’re doing nothing about it.

how is that fair…?


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