You know the answers

It’s weird what we put ourselves into, what we sacrifice and what we give, what we end up doing in order to figure out what our next move will be.

It could be about a job, losing one or applying for one, we overthink it, we get depressed because we have no idea if it’s going to work out in the end, or if we’re good enough, if we’re gonna screw it up. We think that when we lose a job, it’s the end. Furthermore, it’s even more toxic when we keep a job we hate for the sake of the paycheck in the end of the month.

It could be a relationship/friendship, you know.. when we hold on so tight to a toxic relationship because the other person means so much, because we can’t risk losing that significant one. So we hold on. We hold on even though it’s hurting us, but we keep on bearing the pain so we can keep that person close enough. We don’t think about the harm we’re causing ourselves. We put ourselves aside and we try to enjoy the pain. we find some kind of pleasure holding on. Even though it’s wrong.

It could be a decision, a choice. We end up choosing the easy way out… Why? because it’s the EASY way out. We choose the path that is going to feel less tiring, less painful, shorter, unchallenging, undemanding. We choose what is easier, what is troublefree, effortless. Why go a long way, for something that isn’t 100% guaranteed?

Well, as i write, i tell you this.

What if, the job you’re keeping, the one you hate, isn’t going to serve you well? What i mean is, you’re sacrificing your happiness and maybe your health, for money, for that paycheck, for something you hate waking up to.And i know sometimes we have to sacrifice a little for a job, but at least, let it be a job you love. When you love what you do, when you’re passionate about  it, it’s not a JOB anymore. You’ll wake up happy and excited to go do what you always wanted to.
So leave that boring job you can’t stand, take a risk and go for what you love.

What if, that person you’re holding on to, couldn’t care less whether you stay beside them  or leave? and believe me, when they don’t put in the same amount of effort and care as you do, it most probably means they don’t care. they simply don’t. They’re just here because you’re giving them attention, because they see someone who is going to be desperate over them, hopeless and helpless too.
Now, whoever that may be, it could be the Queen of England, when you’re stuck in a relationship where it makes you sad, put in much more effort than you’re supposed to, a relationship that is causing you harm, making you feel that you’re not good enough… just LEAVE. And you know you should, but don’t want to admit it.

What if, the easy way out, gave you what you needed for 10 minutes, and poof. that’s it? Don’t settle for what is easy. Challenge yourself, if you need to. Go for what is going to get you eternal happiness, what at the end of the day, you’ll look at yourself and say “I’m proud, thank God i went for it.”

To sum this up, you know the answers, you. Yes you. You know what you NEED, and what you DESERVE. you’re just too scared of admitting it. Don’t be scared of what will come next. You know what you want, you knew all along .

Don’t you think it’s time to finally do what suits you best???



8 thoughts on “You know the answers

  1. Dear Saraa… Thank you for the pep talk today. It comes at such a perfect time in my life, you just couldn’t imagine! I will not go into details, because it is a personal matter, but you are perfectly right about how we tend to choose the “easier”, instant satisfying solution, and your post is helping me accept some changes I have to make in my life to continue as a more accomplished, happier woman….

    *big hugs*

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      1. I love you too, beautiful 🙂

        Life is a mysterious journey, and we learn every day. Some lessons are just a bit harder to accept, but if you are wise enough to face the music, things turn for the better! I am optimistic 🙂

        I too hope that life brings you happiness…. You are a wonderful person, and deserve all the best!

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  2. Oh tell me about it!!! This has been the main lesson I’ve learned through my recent experiences and has been a centre of my inner turmoil! reading your words was very reassuring so thanks for the post ♥️

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  3. Sometimes I think it’s easier for some people to just stay in that toxic relationship or at that boring ass job, because admitting to yourself that something isn’t right and needs to be done something about can be really challenging and takes a lot of effort. As you wrote, the easy way is, well, easy and the road paved with obstacles doesn’t look as appealing as the smooth sidewalk.
    It’s necessary to walk the messed up road if you still want to stay sane and be happy, I wholeheartedly agree 🙂


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