Losing A Voice

It just seems like yesterday when my brother used to have this huge playlist on his mp3 player as well as endless songs that i was so curious to listen to, i remember waiting till he went out of the house so i can listen to these songs and get to know amazing artists.

There was this one band , the first band i had ever listened to, Linkin Park . I hit play, and enjoyed dozens of songs, amazing songs, from lyrics to vocals to music…  everything .

So i copied the songs and downloaded new ones. Years passed and their song New Divide was featured in the Transformers movie. I remember very well rushing to my mom and telling her that MY BAND was featured in the movie. Can you believe that ? i called an international band, mine.

Well, to be exact, it felt like it. their songs spoke to me, they introduced me to a brand new genre of music, a style that i never got bored of. Every song inspired me, lit some kind of spark in my soul and set that Rebellion part in me  free.

Linkin park, a band i wanted to watch live so bad, a band so perfect,so real.

And well, just yesterday, i got the news of the death of its lead singer, Chester Bennington.

Chester committed suicide. As I’m writing these words, I still can’t believe it. It can’t be…
But i guess it is, every social media app i log into, i see his pictures, and read articles about his death.

And i still can’t believe it.

At such a young age, at the age of 41, Chester decided to take away his life in his own hands… and why ?

Well, it was said that he suffered from drugs and alcohol, but… these things, they can be treated.. right?

It was also said that he had gone through a bad childhood, being abused as a child from another male person… it was also said that he had mental issues, which caused him his life.

Whatever it was, whatever was so unbearable that he had to take his own life and shut down his own voice, a voice that i fell deeply in love with, whatever pushed him to hang himself, it just wasn’t worth it!

Was Suicide the only answer? was it the only option? the only way???

Chester, why?

To all the great artists and legends out there, i  tell you this;

Your music inspires many, your lyrics often say what we suffer so hard to put in to words,your concerts and the hope of watching you live one day keeps us going. We, as fans, as supporters, never get tired of supporting you, of being there for you, of cheering for you and screaming out from the bottom of our hearts when one of your songs comes on on the radio so we can sing along.

We get excited when you release an album or a song. When you share a random picture of yourselves, it makes our day, it does!

We’re many, we may be thousands or millions, but we feel like you know each and every one of us individually. We feel like we know YOU aswell. believe us, we do.

We know what you like to eat for breakfast, what your favorite clothing brand is, what you do before going live, what you love what you hate… we know.

You’re always here for us, we listen to your songs when we’re sad, upset, depressed, happy, enjoying ourselves, in car rides, at night when can’t fall asleep, first thing in the morning… basically, whatever we do, we keep your songs on.

You’re here for us. Let us be here for YOU, you dedicated your lives for us, let us return the favor. Let us support you in the hard times too. let us be not only fans, but friends. You have us, whatever the matter is. We’re one bigass family, because of you.

Whenever we meet a fellow fan, we immediately turn out to be friends, your music unites us.

Don’t just take your life away, don’t leave us hanging. Please.

We just can’t bear the loss of another amazing talent, another voice, another legend, another artist…

We just can’t!

My voice might not be heard by many, but let us spread this.

Linkin Park, You’ll always be my first band ever to fall in love with. Chester, you’re gonna be missed. Truly.
I’m gonna miss your screams, your tattoos, your passion…

I hope you’re resting beside your great friend, and legend, Chris Cornell.

We love you Chester, We love you.

chest fans

Stay strong LP family !


7 thoughts on “Losing A Voice

  1. I feel your pain Saraa, and I understand how that can be upsetting as a fan… Unfortunately our favorite actors, singers, musicians and comedians are people too 😦 Money and love from their fans doesn’t protect them from the hurt anyone of us might experience at one point in our lives… An inner pain that will lead some of us to the edge of the cliff, and make some of us jump over…

    I am sorry for your loss, and the loss of thousands of fans around the planet… I really liked the band too, I just didn’t know Chester as well… Your post really speaks to me, I might publish something related a little later today, I’ll link you in, if I do 🙂

    *Big hugs!!*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cyranny, your presence lights up my day .
      Thank you for these words and for being here.
      This is life i guess .. we’re gonna go through it.. we never know when it’s gonna be our turn..

      Thank you for being here really !
      Got too much love for you my friend ❤️


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