We all dream

We all have dreams. That’s a fact. And no matter what those dreams may be, dreams are dreams… no matter how big, how wild, how small, how adventurous they may seem… we all dream.
We start making plans and having dreams about the future and life and how things will add up 15 years from now the moment we feel a spark burning on the inside.
at 7 years old, we build up these imaginations about jobs and careers we may hold in the future, I remember wanting to become a fashion designer just because my doll’s clothes were just too adorable, and the year after, I wanted to become a teacher because it seemed fun back then… see, dreams change, they might grow as we grow up,  or change because we find new things we’re passionate about.

And here’s the deal, you become inspired and motivated to make these same dreams into a living reality when you’re passionate about the, it’s hen there’s this continuous insanity and ambition for you to just make them come true, feel them and see what you always wanted right before your very eyes…

However, you’re always gonna hear that your dreams are too big for a small individual like yourself (You, me, everyone). We hear people say :”Are you crazy?! You’ll never get it done!”

The sad part Is that you might actually fall for that and believe them… DON’T!

Who are they to determine and decide whether you’ll be able to fly a plane someday, or become president, or an architect or (insert your dream here). And dreams don’t just have to be JOBS. Some may say that their dream is to be happy. As simple as that. Even so, whoever said that the road to happiness is an easy one, was wrong.

Your dream may be getting married and having kids and just living with your family.

No matter what, whatever it is… a dream is a dream.

And what you have to do is to never give up on that dream, hold on tight. Do whatever it takes to get there, even if the journey is long and hard and there are a couple of bumps and stones along the way. You chose THAT dream for a reason. You’re THAT ambitious for a reason. You want it? come and get it.

It requires a lot of hard work, patience, determination, ambition, will, and most important, LOVING WHAT YOU DO.

If it doesn’t keep you awake at night wondering if it’s a lot to handle, your dream ain’t big enough .

If it doesn’t scare  you a little and keep on pushing you forward.. it isn’t the one.

Don’t give up. Follow your dreams, make plans and stick to them, be happy, be fearless, be you.

50 years from now…. You won’t regret it.


7 thoughts on “We all dream

  1. Hello there, Sweet Saraa 🙂 I agree with you on the Dream matter… The only things I have regretted in my life, so far, were things I didn’t dare to try when a chance presented itself.

    People will try to discourage you from trying to reach your goal, or make fun of your dreams… I long wondered why they would do such a thing, but I realized that often, it seems to be because people are afraid you’ll succeed. It is frustrating for them to see you enjoying your dreams coming true. And they start being jealous…

    When people tell me “Awww you’re so lucky…” I always answer the same thing. “I didn’t win the lottery. I am not lucky, I worked for what I achieved… Don’t be envious, work for your own dreams!”

    *big hugs* 🙂

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      1. Awww thank you for your kind words 🙂 I said it before but it is so true… The world would be a much better place if there were more Saraas out there 🙂 🙂

        *Love* xx

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